MagicSudokuPro Review| Best Free Sudoku Game Available in the Android Market

Sudoku is one of the most mind sharping game which can be played anywhere, anytime You can play it on a piece of paper, or you can go with various Sudoku games, but most of these games get boring due to a limited number of Sudoku size and levels. But you don’t worry as in this post we are going to discuss a very interesting Sudoku game which is called as MagicSudokuPro. MagicSudokuPro is different from standard Sudoku games available in the market as it comes with various types of Sudoku boards sizes like 4 X 4, 6 X 6, etc. and it is packed with different levels, from basic to master all kinds of levels are available for every type of player. Now let us highlight some of its principal features in the below part of the post.

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Exploring MagicSudokuPro

It comes with many features which are not available in standard Sudoku games. Some of its key features are as below:

  1. MagicSudokuPro comes with different sizes like 4×4, 6×6, 9×9, 12×12 and 16×16 Sudoku with many Sudoku split support.
  2. Different types of shapes like Single, Double, Triple, Zigzag and Samurai Sudoku are available, and various forms like Classic, Diagonal, and Hyper Sudoku are also available.

There are some options also which makes MagicSudokuPro more appealing and these options are:

1) It allows players to override previously entered values.

2) It highlights frozen cells (no valid moves) and Single cells(exactly one step).

3) Undo option is also available.

4) Split tree option is available too up to 32 configurations.

Playing MagicSudokuPro

In this part of the game, we are going to share some snaps which we took while playing the game have a look at below snaps carefully to get an idea about the interface of the MagicSudokuPro game.

1) Here is the snap of the home screen of the game as you can see there is nothing too fancy with the interface. You can directly select the types of Sudoku from the start screen.

start screen

2) In below snap we have selected the first one Classic Sudoku.

classic version

3) In Classic Sudoku option we have selected the first one. And after selecting that we have selected the first level.

4)  In the below snap you can see that we have cleared the first level. This type, size and level are ideal for new players.

we won game

5) Here are the snaps of another interesting and addictive Sudoku type (Samurai Sudoku) have a look.

samurai versioncustom columns

6) Below is a snap of Double Diagonal Sudoku which is one of the unique feature of this free android game

diagonal version

7) You can also enjoy various Hyper Sudoku (unique to this free game ) options like as shown below

hyper version

8) Now have a look at below snap in which we have selected 16×16 sized Sudoku, and it comes with some amazing types of levels have a look.

big versiontree build

9) By clicking the tree icon, you will get the following screen under Split Tree option.

split tree game

10) Zoom feature can also be used to zoom out boxes while playing the game, if you device screen is small. It can be enabled from preference settings and is generally used while playing large size Sudoku. How zoom feature works, first touch shows circle with enlarge view of area near the touch point, and the second touch performs action.

zoom in feature

Final Words

Hope you have read all of the above points carefully and will take action accordingly. Now there are some pros and cons which we noticed while playing it. Read below pros and cons carefully.


1) It is free of cost and users don’t have to a single penny to play this game.

2) The interface of the game is simple to use and is not to fancy and this make game light. The game quickly loads with one click without taking much time.

3) The game starts from the point where we left and this is a good feature.

4) Various types and sizes of Sudoku are available which make MagicSudokuPro ahead from its competitor games.


1) The game is not available for iOS platform so it not possible for a user to enjoy MagicSudokuPro on his/her iOS based device.

We hope you have read all the above pros and cons and will take action accordingly. From our side MagicSudokuPro is recommended to our readers. There are different types and shapes of Sudoku available and we have explored only type which we could solve download it and explore more about it and share your thoughts with us and with other readers through like comments and share.

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