Flip HTML 5 Unlimted Giveaway Of Platinum Version For Windows 10/8.1/8

flip html 5 bannerEvery information is available on the internet these days. The information made available is thanks to few languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. each of this language has its own importance in the development or the operation of specific part of the internet. Day by day newer version have been made available through IT professional to provide you with a better manner of information, which is more interactive and it attracts more attention. The latest and the most basic languages available on the internet is CSS3 and HTML5. These languages are being used in numerous parts in today’s world which is made available to you at different events.

Today let us talk about HTML5. HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is a language that is utilized to provide the presentation logic to the person now coming to presentation logic. Presentation logic is the logic that allows you to display information in an interactive manner to a person. Now, coming to a specific software which is FlipHTML 5. This software allows you to display your content as a book on a browser and as well as allow you to generate and application (android) as well. The people who know a little about HTML know the language that I am talking about, know how difficult this work is.

Flip HTML 5 review and free platinum version giveaway

flip html 5 startingadding logosAs seen in these above two screenshot there are few small and easy steps to generate a resultant like a flip book, or as a slide show. The options also allow you to put water mark on the pages, help select what type of rendering has to be done. By rendering it is meant to decide, what is the type of file that you have selected to create this unique type of interaction. It should be kept in mind that the selection of each option is very important in this initial step as the required information is very crucial to gain a proper output, I would like to specify think once or twice before selecting option before selection of each option. After the selection you require to wait, which is directly proportional to the number of pages that you are using to build this interactive resultant.

book liveThe above screenshot displays the resultant of the selection made by me to create and display a sample to you. Now as you can see that there are many options that are made visible to you on the left hand side panel on which many option are provided to you. The different options are Table of contents or TOC, Template that allows you to provide a different look to the book that you are using, Bookmark so that you make going to a specific page easier for the user, chapter wise or important topic wise, plugin to add more information through image text slideshow etc, lastly there is a tab for custom settings that allows you to edit the template that you are currently utilizing. Now when you try and publish this book it ask you to select from two option which are a free version of the software with limited capabilities or the full version of the software with many capabilities as compared to the free version.

plans available nowAs seen above these are the option that you may choose from when you want to publish the flip book made by you. After the selection of one of this option you will get the equivalent features of the software as displayed above each button.

You may buy the software before downloading it through their website which is http://www.fliphtml5.com the pricing that are available are 15$ per month, 29$, 25$, lastly 999$ per month. Each type of pricing comes with its own pack of features therefore it is mandatory to think before the selection of a specific plan.


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How to activate Flip HTML 5 Pro ?

  • Step 1: Register an account at Fliphtml5.com using your Email(not using Facebook or Google+ account)
  • Step 2: Go to http://fliphtml5.com/gift-card-exchange.php and activate your account with exchange code
  • Step 3: Use FlipHTML5 desktop software and online service as a Platinum member

Note : For publishing your Flipbook as an android app you will have to pay an extra fee of $25 which is for getting Google app developer account.

All said and done I would like to say that Flip HTML 5 is a software that is compact and very easy to use. It is a new life giver to the long forgotten books in the new world of internet and fast learning. A person who utilizes a product made through this software will definitely enjoy the great animation that is provided through the software and will also gain knowledge through the printed text simultaneously.

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