Enable or Disable Text Suggestions for Hardware Keyboard in Windows 10

Virtually every mobile phone’s operating system supports text suggestions helping us type quickly and easily without having to type it all out. Auto Correction and Auto Suggestions has been available on Windows’ touch keyboard since the launch of Windows 8 on computers and tablets with a touch screen, but however, there was never any text

Convert DVD to Digital File with Best Free DVD Ripper

Today, we are living in the digitized world watching movies on our phones and tablets. You should consider converting the content of your favourite DVDs to digital to watch them on digital media. You may lose the DVDs or they can even be broken or scratched. So it’s better to act in advance to safeguard

How To Enable Or Disable Windows Sandbox In Windows 10 Laptop, PC, Surface Pro, Studio

Sandbox is a feature that Windows 10 and Mac OS X security programs have it the computer. Windows Defender offered by Microsoft for the registered copy of operating system. The Defender offers basic protection against online threats. Microsoft Security Essentials enable the feature in Win 7, Win 8 and above versions. The older version comes with spyware

Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240fff For PC, Laptop, Surface PRO, Studio

One very important task to do in Windows 10 is updating the operating system as you will find many security patches, bug fixes, virus, and improvement of overall performance of your operating system. Let us see some beneficial solutions for fixing Windows 10 error code 0X80240FFF. This particular error code will not just block the

How To Fix Bad Pool 0x00000019 Error Windows 10 Both PC And Laptop

Do you have Windows error 0x00000019 on your screen? It could mean that there is a hardware or software driver failure. In such cases, a software engineer runs several tests on your Windows machine. We are going to suggest you the engineer testing list so that you can fix the error 0x00000019 (BAD POOL HEADER)

WlidSVC.exe Registry Leak And How To Disable WlidSVC Quickly

Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, and higher version reported WLIDSVC.exe registry leaked, and only a handful amount of people has suggested the right solution. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the actual reason behind the malware alerts and firewall marked it as spyware. Nevertheless, what is WLIDSVC.exe? Allow us to provide you with details on the