Caret Android App An All In One Address Book With Free Calls | Review

Do you have the need to provide basic information about yourself to the community?
Are you required to define your current status to the people around you?

If the answer to the above to question is yes than the developers at Wallrust Inc.have developed a tool for you that increases the working of your contacts app in your phone, it has an average rating of 4.3 and a well known background to help users with task. If the above information strikes interest in you then the application that I am talking about here is the Caret application for android.


All the chat messages are now encrypted(HIPA level encryption, Tresorit’s ZeroKit)

Status can be pushed based on some criteria like receive only if not in vehicle etc.

Completely new TimePix, send with Delay and new Actions feature like Meet now, Call back, etc. using E2EE

Caret service marketplace is available now with open APIs and like when you play games the status will change to Gaming

Here is a new YouTube showing the same

Caret Android App Review

caret featured imageThe app is a simple interface provided to you to generate a productive resultant without the pressing of many buttons. How does this app help you to increase the amount of interaction with your contacts module in your phone you think well let us look into the different functionality of the app which are as follows.

  • The first and the best part of this module is the registration that it allows to take place, though may happen to convert into a tedious task to register but the developers have provided you with two options. First is to register yourself through a registration SMS, and second to receive a call from the server and enter the secret code. My advice is to choose the latter option primarily as it is more fast and accurate, it does not require much of repetition as the first one.



Verification by SMS

  • Once you are done with the registration you are shown a basic layout of a see green color that contains all your contacts between a sea green header and footer. The header and footer are filled with options that allow you to have all the functionality.
  • The software provides you with a proper tour of all the parts of itself providing you full information about the different utilities and features.

Well explained tour

  • There are many regular features also been covered live the shortcut to the dialing screen in which there is a secondary option to send a message to the dialed number directly. Other than that the basic features included are the making of new groups and adding or searching of specific contacts being saved by you on the device.


  • There is a quick slide panel from the left that allows you to access different groups that are already built by you in your own personnel device. The groups are default, trusted, VIP, and last but the most Important the blocked people. Other than these four categories there are three application specific filters for you as well the first is the available people in your list, second is the unavailable or the offline contacts, and third and the last are the people around you. This is the filtration according to the users of the software.

Slide panel

  • Another feature that is available is the switch between the contact list and the recent history that your phone has.
  • The settings of this module contains many options like the settings synchronization, call settings, and many other miscellaneous option like the battery saver option, or the system notification option.

Want to share share your sensitive data in secure way then you may try PGP Files Android App

  • The last feature that I want to tell you about is the status feature. This feature allows you to display other Caret users your current status with just a tap, like available, not available, do not disturb, in a vehicle, and the best is the sleeping status. The sleeping feature and do not disturb feature have a sub feature defined under them which allows you to define particular time frames to your current status. You are allowed to define a start time and an end time and also to keep it enabled for specific days.

Quick mode

  • Even you can make free calls between any Caret user residing in any country and save a lot of mobile mobile bills if you are a frequent international caller

By using this app I have come to a conclusion that yes this app is useful but under the circumstances that other users are also linked in to you with this app.

Download it free from Google PlayStore

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