How to Stop Spam Calls to Your Virtual Phone Number

When your phone rings, do you immediately assumed that it’s from someone you know like customers, business partners, friends, or loved ones? Even if, you’ll certainly get frustrated upon learning that it’s a robot reaching out to you to inform you that win at some raffle draws that you didn’t even know. Or maybe they would tell you that you win a trip to Boracay Island in the Philippines.

An estimated 56 million Americans have been reported losing money as a direct result of phone scams in 2020 alone – up from 43 million in the year 2019.

Don’t get upset. You are not alone, anyway. Almost all spam calls originated from fraudsters that are utilizing the software dialers so they can make a call. Unfortunately, many people have already fallen for this trap which at the end of the day, is tragic.

How to Stop Spam Calls

Virtual Phone Number

Although the fact remains that you can’t thoroughly eliminate all spam calls, there are certain countermeasures to stop these unwanted calls.

  • The “Do Not Call Registry” – although the magic still works, there are spammy practices from individuals who don’t care about the FCC law. You can add your number to the ‘do not call list’, and this may relieve some of those unwanted calls you are receiving. However, this seems wouldn’t work at all times.

  • Switching Out Your Number – one certain way to eliminate spam calls is to simply get a new virtual phone number. Unfortunately, it would not be the case if you have already an established business number, especially if it’s already been years. And even if you register another number, spam calls will be available right away.

  • Auto Attendant or Call Menu – one reason why it is necessary to get this service is that robocalls or spam calls would not be able to reach a real phone since they have to press a series of numbers before they can ring someone’s phone. Robocalls or Robo-Dialers can be easily eliminated with the presence of a call menu in your virtual phone number.

  • Block those numbers – you can manage unwanted calls by adding them to your ‘Blocked Phone Numbers List’. Although this may be a time-consuming and mundane task, it can somehow alleviate the situation.

  • Business Virtual Receptionist – another efficient way of eradicating spammy calls is to integrate a business virtual receptionist. Almost the same with an auto-attendant, this type of service not only requires your callers to navigate a call menu, but it also helps you in answering calls promptly even without your presence. Depending on your requirements, a virtual receptionist gives basic customer support such as message attendant and call forwarding to the right individual or department. You can also customize the greeting message to convey more personal touch. Contact your service provider to learn more about the details.

If you are using an Android Phone, you can activate the built-in spam call blocking. iPhone filters spam calls using an app. Enabling the ‘Filter Spam Calls’ on your Android phone will utilize Google’s database of known spam numbers that are circulating and will immediately screen spam calls. You might notice that once you utilize the feature that your phone would not even ring. Check your phone’s built-in features for blocking specific mobile numbers. Also, some mobile carriers offer their respective blocking tools to their users, so you better take advantage of them.

The best option to consider is to contact your service provider. They are the one who is fully aware of what countermeasures should be integrated into your virtual phone number. If you think that you are already tired of combatting spam calls, then getting in touch with them will not only relieve you of the problem, but they can certainly help you in taking the most effective solution. They have the most effective remedy for your spamming problem.

Final Words

Some people would stop spam calls by simply hanging up their phone, which is a bad idea. Hanging up your phone will not only prevent the spam calls to push through but would also cause your phone to be unreachable by your prospects and existing clients or customers. If you’re unsure of what to do, contact your service provider.

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