Keep up the Pace with Elisi, Your Personal Planner | Best Journal App For Android

Nowadays when people are mostly too busy with their lives and probably do not even get to find time for themselves it becomes even harder to remember little things. So if you are tired of getting missing out on the romantic dates or spending some quality time with your friends or probably you want to make sure that you are hitting the gym regularly and creating a fitness streak! Then Elisi is the app for you to become more productive in your life. As said by Charles Richards, “Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man could get a full year’s value out of a week.”

While Elisi will make sure that you do not miss out on anything important to you it will also bring in blogs of inspiration and tips for your lifestyle. The achievement feature also helps the user in giving them a mental boost and proves to be a pat on the back thus encouraging the user to stick to the schedule.

What will Elisi do?

Elisi is easy to use the app with a friendly user interface. This app will let you plan, track and review your whole week.

You can easily sign up using either your Google or Facebook account which will really make your sign on process very easy.

Make plans with Elisi

Create better plans and have proper time management to work on these plans positively. The weekly to-do list helps the user get more productivity in the span of a week while also maintaining balance with other important things in your life.

All you need to do is just click on the “+” button to add your plans as shown below:

The app lets you add activities or habits in the weekly section where you can add a task for each day separately.

Track your progress

Keep forgetting about to check your schedule? Do not worry Elisi will make sure that you get your tasks done. It will notify you if you miss your meditation, gym, water consumption, book reading, etc. It will also help you keep a constant habit rather than taking up one of these habits once in a blue moon and forgetting about them for the rest of the year.

As you can see above, if you are an fitness freak then you can add daily habit remainder to remind yourself to turn some daily routines into your habit.

Projects tracking made easy

Not just of an activity, you can also keep a track of your progress in a project. Users can keep a check on to-do items on the project view to keep track of their progress. By a simple hold and drag, a user can pull the task for projects into the weekly to-do list.

Take fast notes

Write down anything you find worth remembering for and take it anywhere with you. The notes tab of the app lets the user write anything they want where they have the freedom to customize the text by color, font, and if you want the text to be highlighted. The user can also bookmark the important notes thus making it easier to look for something.

Take your journal everywhere

Elisi works on multiple platforms including all modern browsers, computers, phones, and tablets thus making it easier to access the app when your primary device is not present. The app also works without an internet connection and will sync your data the next time the device is connected to the internet. To complete your daily tasks and goals through any device and from anywhere.

The User Interface

The app opens up with the planner tab with which you can add what you want to do today and also tasks for the next few days. There are also other tabs such as Lists, notes, and habits. The List tab helps the user prepare a list of tasks and have little sub-goals in it that are required to be complete to finish the task. The habits tab lets the user put a certain habit that will be completed each day. The notes tab help create short notes on the go.

The blog feature introduces the user to inspirational blogs which may help to manage the time better whereas tip and plan blog will provide a guide through daily life, self-improvement, and travel.

The achievement feature boosts the morale of the user and work as a reward system for the app.

If you use Elisi on Android pad or if you place the phone horizontally, app will find a different mode that allows you to open several modules simultaneously and drag your tasks cross modules.

They strongly recommend to plan on big screen and track with your phone. Also, Elisi supports to sync across devices nearly real-time.

Overall this is a good app if you have faced problems in managing time and wants to keep your habits going. The app is available on play store for free.

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