Best Antivirus For Windows 10 64 Bit Version Of Laptop And PC

Antivirus programs are needed for every Windows PC users. Antivirus and security system is allowing the Windows users to securely do their online task without worrying about the privacy invaders. However, some people don’t consider to have an active security program that monitors their PC all time because they feel they don’t have the requirement of such application.

It does not matter if you are connected to an active Internet connection or not because the virus, malware, and adware will find a way to get into your PC via USB, Memory card, and other techniques. Once they are in your Windows PC, you will never be able to find out until your PC goes slows down, files missing, corrupted files, Windows crashes and more.

Best Anti Virus For Windows 10 Laptop

Even if you know the real value of an Antivirus program, your head will spin to the edge since finding the right one that fits your requirements is not an easy task. We have shortlisted some of the famous and trusted security programs that will keep monitoring your pc for privacy invaders and harmful virus.

*1 defencebyte Antivirus-Pro

It is the one of the easiest and best anti virus software that support wide range of Windows OS version including older XP to the newest Windows 10 version. Also this overall protection software for your PC and laptops alerts if you are trying to visiting any risk involved links or downloading any files that are infected, this is one of the unique feature of this software as this facilities are only available with the Internet Security version of many other providers.

defencebyte Antivirus-Pro

Product activation and scanning files are quicker.

quick files scan

Other notable features

  • Hacker protection
  • Network protection
  • Payment protection
  • Easy setup
  • Minimum resource usage
  • 24*7 support
  • Scanning hidden infected files

*2 Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a popular security solution, which comes with various options and features that fit perfectly for Home and Office users. This security software monitors your Windows PC throughout your online and offline usage. The Bitdefender engine will update its virus definitions with a very little consumption of Internet speed, and you will never notice the difference.

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You can also purchase PC Optimizer, which allows you to optimize your messed-up Windows-PC run back to normal. When your PC has too many unnecessary add-ons and programs running in the background slowing down your laptop or pc, then you can use Bitdefender PC optimizer to get rid of it.

*3 Avast Internet Security

Avast has various plans, but I recommend you to go for the Internet Security, which will cost you less during seasonal times as the offers pour in the way. We have been using Avast for a long time, and we have seen significant changes in Avast in past seven years.

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Avast runs in the background quietly and monitors your PC from the start up to shut down. Remember, if you are using an old model PC, then avoid Avast because it will slow your PC down to 25%.

Avast Internet Security suite will keep you safe from all online threats like Malware, Virus, Adware, Ransomware, and others. The virus definitions will update itself and don’t slow your Internet speed at all. Worth your investment.

*4 Kaspersky

If you are someone, who doesn’t have enough bucks to invest in an expensive Antivirus program, then Kaspersky Internet Security is a good alternative for everything above. The price is a little lesser than Avast and Bitdefender, but Kaspersky does share its Pros and Cons, which will make a difference.

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Remember, you can get half of the original price from Amazon, so make sure to check the deals on Amazon and eBay before purchasing it on the main site.

*5 Norton by Symantec

Extremely popular and rivals to all big-time players in the market. Norton has been trusted by many small companies. You will find a program called “Symantec” in many customer care support companies, which will help you measure the trust on the Norton that many of you are not aware of it.

C:\Users\Silvery\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\4 - Norton.png

Norton pricing is expensive because they have so many packages, which will spin your mind. If you are looking for a deal breaker, then go for Norton Internet Premium or just avoid it because it’s too expensive for home users.

If you are a professional and planning to secure your office PC’s, then go for Norton Internet standard, which is affordable and suitable for small business.

*6 Quick Heal

Quick Heal has been around for a while, and they have been doing a great job by improving their services and adding more to the security engine, which is protecting us from all online threats. If you are a home user, who access Internet and surf frequently, then Quick Heal is for you.

C:\Users\Silvery\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\5 - QH.PNG

Those who do more than just standard usage, then Quick heal is not for you. Quick heal is also suitable for small business because it comes at a lower price with maximum support.


Almost all brands are providing both home and professional packages but some of them are specifically providing better service for home users. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section.

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