Hide My IP Review | Best Way To Change IP Address in Windows 10

The word as we know it is geographical million of miles long in latitude and longitude. There is only one thing that has brought this millions of miles to a minute which is known as the internet, started as what is known as ARPANET, was a top secret way of distributing information throughout the different bases of army in the US army is now a pool of internet that helps in gaining and increasing the knowledge of others. Everything in this world has become so dependent on the internet that each service is provided through the combination of computer (common operated machine particularly used for technical, educational, and research purposes) and internet. Ranging from commerce to health everything can be and is linked to computers and internet.

With the increase in the dependency on computer there is also an increase in the rate of crime that can be made on computer which is known as hacking. Hacking generally can be defined as the method of robbery through computers by people who would like to gain something through unfair means, or leak a piece of information that one is getting paid for. There are a variety of hackers that are available on the internet today like the grey hacker, black hackers. Grey hackers are the hacker which work according to the requirement by the employer and secondly the black hacker are the people which work without releasing any of their personnel information.

There are many ways that we can utilize many software to gain security from the above mentioned threats. One way is to increase the firewall of the computer that you utilize to gain access to the internet, the other method is to only open those parts of the internet through which no personnel information could be gained by the hackers known as the secure web for example the services made available by Google. Another method to secure your information is through masking one’s system IP. IP is a 32 or 64 bit code that allows you to be unidentified on the internet and it can be successfully altered to hide your actual presence from the internet so that you can feel a bit secure.

hide my ipOne of the software that allow the masking of the your geo location and data is known as Hide My IP. The software is freely available on the official website which allows you to download anything from internet with confidence. Once the installer has been downloaded there is no need of the internet during the installation of the software, it should also be understood that the installation is a very simple installation which can be done by any amateur that has just the basic knowledge of the internet and computers. After the installation if you work with the default setting you get a icon to access the software through desktop icons. Opening it, opens a very simple design that is easily understandable. A screenshot can be seen here.

Hide My IP in Windows 10 experience

First run : Every thing unhidden

First run : Every thing is exposed!!

As seen in the starting of the application provides your original IP and a message that says WARNING YOU ARE NOT HIDING YOUR REAL IP!!!.

stettings to find

The advance option provides you with a wide variety of option that allows you to alter the things that you would like to alter according to your requirement than is the button which allows you to Hide your IP. Other than these important options there are some other options that are made available to you for example IP Rotation that allows you to rotate between different IP after a fixed amount of time period automatically making your fake identity multiple.

Everything now changes to elite proxy

Everything now changes to elite proxy

This is how the panel looks like after you start the hiding of the IP. It should also be understood that the freely available installer that you get is a trial version which is allowed to be used for a time period of 7 days. After the trial you can use the service at just $2.95/MO or $39.95/Year to safe guard your online privacy.



  • Simple and easy to change IP address in Windows 10
  • 256 bit secure encryption with OpenVPN technology
  • Compact exe file
  • Provides access to any blocked content in any region
  • Multiple IP location
  • Auto IP changing with a click
  • Dedicated clients available for Windows, Mac and Android
  • Better than VPN as there is no drop in download and upload speed
  • No strings attached free trail of the full version
  • Bit coin payment mode (we recommend users to use this as everything will be anonymous)


We did not find many!

  • Misses app for iPhone and iPad

Final Words

All said the HideMyIP is an amazingly light and efficient one and should be made available to all those who require to secure their IP addresses in order to experience the world of internet and the increase in the facilities that can be gained through this wonderful invention known as the internet.

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