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The website has become an integral part of the businesses in today’s modern digital era. The need for a website is increasing rapidly and more and more graduates are attracting towards the web designing field. If you are working in the same field, then here’s an all-in-one highly customizable web-designing platform for you, the Sitejet.

Sitejet is one of its kind and offers the best and easiest web-designing experience for the professionals. No matter whether you an expert web-designer like in the Theymakedesign blog or a newbie, this platform is designed for everyone and helping the individuals with web-designing.

It’s built with high-performance CMS which lets the web designers design a creative and customizable responsive website that can work smoothly on all types of computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets devices. If you are curious to know how this platform works for you, then here we have reviewed the Sitejet platform.

It’s a multi-purpose and multi-functional platform which is packed with all types of website designing tools, highly customizable CMS and other management tools to managing various online projects and other tasks from one single platform. You don’t need to waste your time and money in multiple tools and software, this Sitejet platform fulfills your requirements at ease and gives you the best of the web designing experience.

How to get started with the Sitejet Platform?

To test out the amazing UI and advanced tools of the Sitejet Platform, the first thing you need to do is opt for their free trial version. You can get a 14-days of a free trial version of this platform which lets you test out all the features of the platform for absolutely free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single penny for the trial version and no need of any card info for them to start the free trial offered by them.

The UI of the platform is very simple and looks pretty decent. Upon landing on the first page, you will see some useful sections on the front page with Dashboard, Websites, Templates, Mail etc. If you want to start creating your first website on this platform, then click the +Website button in the green color.

When you click on the +Website icon, the next page will ask you to give a name to your first website. Enter the name into the given field and then Click the Save button.

The next page will show you a number of suitable readymade templates for your website. You can scroll down and check the compatible and most suitable templates available for your website on this page. If you don’t want to use any template, then click the Continue without a Template option.

When you select the template, you will be asked to select this template by clicking on to the Choose button. This will add the selected template to your website.

Now, whenever you visit the front page of this platform, you will see all the websites that you have added to this platform. You can randomly select the website and can start editing it right away. Since we have created just one website, it is showing up here. Click the Edit Website option to start editing it and design it the way you want.

The best part about this platform is it comes with proper guidelines for the new users. If you haven’t used any such platform or just new website design, then the platform will guide you through the entire CMS steps to design your very first professional grade website. The platform lets you understand

  • Working with the Templates,
  • Theme Settings,
  • Working with the presets,
  • Website Settings,
  • To Dos and Customer CMS

You can select any of the above services to start developing your site with a guide. Select the option and click the Get Started button from the lower right corner.

What makes this Sitejet platform unique and popular is its amazing CMS compatibility. You can make changes to the fonts, contents, design and everything in real-time with a set of advanced built-in tools. E.g. If you want to edit and customize the header of your website, just double click on to it and the platform will present you a bunch of tools which you can use to customize it.

You can also upload your own designs or photos using the upload option. Just select the image from the templated and you will be able to upload your own image or picture there.

Apart from the easy to use customizable and web designing features, you can also design the website for your smartphones and tablets with a responsive design. At the upper side, you will see different screen sizes for smartphones and tablets. The given sizes help you to arrange the content and other things on the website well.

The platform consists of a simple drag and drops functionality. You can select the items from either the left or right panel and can drop it to the main editing area. You can resize, crop or add the images easier than ever with the help of the mouse.

When you make use of presets, it will create the desired layout for you. You can start editing the layout by customizing it with a number of elements such as sliders, contents, buttons, icons and much more.

Interestingly, the platform has everything for you readymade. You don’t need to worry about the website design or its layout or template, as everything is right there to access for free. If we talk about the options, you can make use of colors, fonts, layouts, logos, contents etc. Just select the required thing from the list and start working with it for the website that you are creating.

Sitejet: Pricing

Sitejet is a feature-rich highly customizable web platform. It is available for all types of web designers and web enthusiasts who want to try their hands on the web designing industry. Fortunately, there’s a special plan for everyone here. Depending upon your basic requirement, select the plan right now. Here’s the list of its plans and their fees.


Sitejet is an impressive and super fast web designing platform with hosting for every individual. There’s nothing negative about this platform and we have not found any such points while exploring it. It’s good to go platform which will never disappoint you. We would definitely recommend it!

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