What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the automation of routine processes using special software that analyzes the actions of your customers and makes personal offers based on the data received. The main idea of ​​marketing automation is to eliminate the routine work of people and replace them with robots so that people can focus on highly intelligent work.

Marketing Automation Is Not Email Spam

Marketing automation for agencies is not designed to send spam to your contacts. Marketing automation is most satisfying when you use it to send customizable, relevant content to your contacts, rather than annoying spam.

Who Needs Marketing Automation?

  • everyone who has clients
  • everyone who wants to automate business processes
  • everyone who is tired of paying huge salaries
  • everyone who is tired of kicking employees

Lead Scoring

You can read a more sophisticated explanation of this term on Wikipedia. In short, it’s a way to segment leads into hot and cold leads. If you’ve come across sales at least once, you know that warm customers are much more willing to buy your product than cold ones.

Automated advertising on self-service platforms

Major tech companies are building ecosystems and launching self-service ad platforms. And automation is becoming an important component on the road to success. Walmart recently bought Thunder, an automated targeted ad setup company, to create a single ad platform for suppliers and catch up with competitor Amazon. Walmart wants to grow its ad market share more than 10 times over the next five years. The company says its ad revenue and advertiser numbers have doubled over the past year.

What Marketing Automation Will Give

  • saving time
  • reduction of marketing costs
  • effective interaction of marketing and sales
  • will exclude incorrect data
  • will give an idea of the state of affairs in general or in detail
  • will prompt in making the right management decisions

Benefits of Marketing Management Automation with MRM System

Data storage

At the heart of a marketing automation system is customer data collected by a company through different touchpoints: emails, site visits, in-app behavior, social media. However, this data is often scattered and stored in different systems of the company. Databanks from different departments (marketing, sales, customer support) can create 360-degree customer profiles – this allows you to automatically generate personalized and relevant campaigns.


Marketing automation allows you to set up repetitive processes one time and focus on other things – strategizing, analyzing and optimizing your marketing campaigns. Automation increases the speed at which tasks are completed, making the marketer’s work more efficient and effective.

Making decisions

With the help of the available data, the marketer can better understand customers, their behavior and business processes, identify patterns and segment the audience in detail, build more effective campaigns and get more conversions.

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