Best And Easy Way To Get Windows 10 or 11 OS Cheap Keys

Windows 11 is the welcoming edition for millions of computers running Windows 10. The company decided to drop the 11th edition with redesigned user interface, security features, upgrade to the 10th element. Of course, the world was happy to learn about the new edition, and it was a response to the growing macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS competition. The company wanted to meet the modern standards, where mobile software and desktop software took a huge leap in a short period. There is no doubt that Windows 11 is eye-candy, and they dropped the latest edition to stay relevant.

Where to Buy Windows 11 or 10 Product Keys?

Microsoft didn’t put the 11th edition product key on the official site, and it is not up for sale. The Redmond-based company doesn’t generate income from selling product keys, so they decided to skip 11th edition keys this time around. Instead, you can upgrade Windows 10 software to the latest version, and that’s how they are planning to bring the new software into the market. Microsoft’s strategy is to captivate the market with a large margin, so they allowed free upgrade offers on the table. Buy Windows 10 license and upgrade to the latest version because that’s the cheapest way to do so.

Windows 11 (FREE)

Windows 11 FREE

What’s wrong with using the Windows 11 free version? You lose “Personalization” access with a watermark showing up at the bottom right corner, and it’s a fair trade-off in my opinion. Users don’t lose any functionality, and it brings the true potential of the desktop experience without any cost at all.

Windows 11 Watermark

The watermark is temporary and disappears automatically after a certain period. The “Activate Windows” watermark shows up randomly to remind you and give you a sense of purchasing a premium license. However, your brain will learn to ignore it after a few months & it has happened in my case.

Buy from Reliable Source

I must say Windows 10 product keys are cheaper compared to what it was back in the day. The 10th edition launched in 2015, and that was more than seven years ago, which enabled us to purchase the keys at a cheaper price. MS selling the 10th edition products keys at an expensive price where they should have lowered the price per key for the users.

Revolution Soft is a source to purchase cheap Windows 11 key, and you can access Windows 10 license keys at a cheaper price. I recommend the users to go for Windows 10 product key since they get the job done at a dirt-cheap price.

Step 1: Go to Revolution Soft site.

Windows 11 Key (1)

Step 2: Click on “Add to cart”.

Windows 11 Key (2)

Step 3: A pop-up window shows up on the screen and clicks on “Proceed to checkout”.

Windows 11 Key (3)

Step 4: Click on “Proceed to checkout”.

Windows 11 Key (4)

Step 5: Fill out the empty fields, then click on “Checkout”.

Windows 11 Key (5)

You have to go through the payment gateway and finish the process. The selected Windows product key will show up in your account and registered inbox in a few minutes, so be patient.

On The Hub

The USA education system has taken off to the next level in terms of fees and student loan ratio. Many schools and universities have collaborated with multi-billion dollar software companies to provide free programs, operating systems, and services. You can get your hands on the free stuff, including Windows OS without paying a single penny. Your university should support the cause and collaborate with the On The Hub e-store system.

Step 1: Go to The Hub e-store.

OneTheHub (1)

Step 2: Click on “Check Eligibility”.

OneTheHub (2)

Step 3: Fill up the empty fields.

OneTheHub (3)

  1. Country

B. State/Province

C. School name

The site will load the available freeware available in the e-store for your university or school.

Step 4: Now, you can search for Windows OS in the list.

OneTheHub (4)

Unfortunately, there are several colleges, universities, and schools that have not enrolled with the OnTheHub e-store system. You can access Microsoft products on the official site, but the chances are slim, and it is available for students only.

Bottom Line

Students who are enrolled in US-based schools, universities, and colleges can access Windows 11 for free. Unfortunately, the majority of the user base has to purchase the premium product key from the official site for $100 or more. I will suggest everyone try to purchase Windows 11/10 PRO license keys from third-party sellers. I recommend the users avoid using credit cards when purchasing product keys from any seller and avoid overcharging in the final invoice.

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