6 Types of Games You Can Play in the USA with a Virtual Private Network

If you are a gamer, then there are perhaps games you want to play but aren’t able to because of location restrictions. Thankfully, there is a way around these restrictions. VPNs, or virtual private networks, mask your location, identity, and information, allowing you to appear as if you are in another country.

With a VPN enabled, you are able to play games that are location restricted, from wherever you are in the world. This article will tell you about six games that you can play with a virtual private network:

Online Gambling

Online gambling sites are the most restricted gaming sites on the internet. This is especially unfortunate for people who want to participate in online poker tournaments or crypto casinos, like Roobet. Thankfully, finding a VPN for Roobet or online poker sites isn’t difficult. There are lots of VPNs that are perfectly suited to online gaming. When searching for one, you need to find one that’s fast, secure and allows you a wide variety of countries to adjust your location to. Speed is very important because if the VPN lags, your gaming time could be negatively impacted.

First-person Shooters

First-person shooters are also sometimes restricted by location. This isn’t common, because many first-person shooters are available on platforms like Steam, which are available to people from all over the world, but it does sometimes happen. One advantage to playing first-person shooters with a VPN active is that one is able to play on servers not normally available, such as international servers. If you have friends who are from a different country, then a VPN will allow you to play on the same game servers as them, which can be a lot of fun.


As with first-person shooters, role-playing games are rarely restricted by location. It is often the case however that servers are only available to people from specific countries. Role-playing communities often include people from all over the world, so VPNs make playing together much easier. With many role-playing games, people from across the world will convene on a single server with the use of VPNs. This server is usually a U.S. server. With some role-playing games, however, VPNs aren’t even necessary. The game itself will allow you to adjust your server location to any country that you want.


There are lots of online sports games that are restricted to certain locations. There are also some sports games that are banned in some countries that have restrictive internet policies. The same is true for the other games listed in this article so far. VPNs can make sports gaming much more fun. In addition to actual sports video games, VPNs can allow people to access online casinos and bet on live sports. Live sports betting can be a very effective way of making money, but if you live in a country that restricts your internet movements and doesn’t permit sports betting, you won’t be able to participate without the use of a VPN.


Simulation games such as train, building, or gardening simulators are also sometimes locked to specific locations or banned in countries with restrictive internet policies. Simulation games are becoming more popular, especially with the advent of VR technology. If you are interested in playing an online simulation game with people from other parts of the world, then a VPN is a great way to do so. VPNs have allowed online gamers to network with people from around the world, helping to develop huge communities that are based on forums and in chat rooms.


MMOG [massively multiplayer online game] are online games that have huge numbers of active players, sometimes thousands, playing on a single server. These games are nearly always restricted by location. VPNs are most commonly used so people are able to join MMOG servers and play with their friends from around the world. One difficulty of many MMOGs is that they are only playable on consoles. With that said, there are still many that can be accessed on computers also.

Some can even be accessed on smartphones. Unfortunately, some MMOGs ban users who sign up using VPNs. For this reason, you need to do your research beforehand to ensure that you will not be banned from using the game again in the future for using a VPN. However, it’s worth remembering that evasion is always possible when one is using a VPN, so a ban isn’t permanent.

If you enjoy playing games in your spare time, then it’s definitely worth investing in a VPN. A VPN will allow you to play with people from all over the world and have a much better time. Some VPNs are completely free, so give one a go.

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