What To Consider When Choosing A VPN In 2024

It seems like everything has changed in 2020, with the pandemic bringing the world to its knees, and political unease affecting the biggest countries in the world. However, one thing that has not changed is the necessity to protect yourself from cyberthreats. In fact, cybersecurity is a bigger issue than it ever was before.

Most of us are spending more time than ever before online. That is unlikely to change too much once the pandemic is over. We interact with people using virtual means to a large degree. This is just one reason your VPN should be active at all times.

But if you are choosing a VPN for the first time or thinking of switching to another provider, what considerations are relevant in 2020? Go to www.VPNPros.com and look for a VPN with the following in mind.

Reputation matters

Disruption is important in all industries, but no more so than in the tech industry. Without disruption, technology only gets quantitatively better. Only when a new player shows up with a qualitatively different innovation does technology really progress.

However, in 2020 it is recommended that you go with a VPN that has a good reputation. Newcomers may have a better service, but it is very difficult to tell, as you don’t see what is happening behind the scenes. A shiny new VPN app does not give you any indication whether the provider might be stealing your data.

The VPN industry may be disrupted sometime in the future in a way that changes the way we protect our data. But for now, a reputable company should be in charge of that defense.

Streaming compatibility

A few years back, everyone wanted a VPN for the sake of accessing streaming content not available in their location. When Netflix and other services started blocking VPNs, it made getting around geo-restrictions difficult. Some VPNs managed to get around these blocks.

These days, the majority of new content is available everywhere. However, you still need a VPN that is not blocked by streaming services, so that you are protected when you are watching shows. Getting around geo-restrictions is a bonus, but far from the most important reason for having a VPN you can stream with.

Servers worldwide

Censorship is nothing new. Governments have been trying to control what their citizens see for millenia. However, the internet has given them new ways of doing it.

Censorship that prevents you from visiting certain websites is implemented by many authoritarian regimes. But this is the sort of information control you can recognize immediately. Problematically, governments have gone further and started manipulating what you see, so that the opinions you form are based on the information that suits them.

A VPN can get you around censorship so that you can see blocked websites. It can also make everything about you anonymous – what you see will no longer be based on where and who you are.

This is why it is important for you to get a VPN with servers worldwide in 2020. Being able to compare the information you find in different countries is necessary to ensure your freedom of thought.

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