5 Things Every Student Should Know About WordPress

Most of us know WordPress as the easiest way to create your own website from scratch. WordPress actually powers over 40% of all sites on the Internet, which makes it the most popular website building service!

Its tools are accessible to anyone, even those who aren’t versed in developing or similar software. It started out as a blog writing service but expanded quickly – you can create stores, resumes, forums, social networks, and so much more. It quickly gained popularity among college students because of its simplicity, straightforwardness, and availability.

Here are five things every student should know about WordPress, from which sites to create to different skills and training practices.

You Can Create…


  • …Online Portfolios


Many students around the world use WordPress to create and power resumes and portfolios. Its simple interface allows you to make a whole portfolio page with add-ons and templates, as well as upload any existing PDF files. If you’ve had some business opportunities in the past, this could be a great way to put yourself out there and show off your premium skills.


To attract even more attention, you can also make your portfolio interactive, with many different transitions and colorful animations. Your future clients will for sure appreciate all the effort you put in!

If you struggle with showing off your work or with choosing the right words, don’t worry! Here’s a quick and easy solution. Hop on to this website https://studyfy.com/writing-guides as they offer premium writing guides, even if you don’t have much experience! You can get your existing resume proofread or edited, as well as order one for internships or specialist positions!


  • …Blogs


This is probably the first thing that came to your mind when mentioning WordPress. Blogs are what this site is known for. You can create one on any topic, including your hobbies, interests, sports you like, or even food you enjoy. Blog writing has been around forever, and there’s no way to do it wrong. Just write about your opinions or emotions openly while focusing on the topic.


Here is how you can benefit from having a blog in college.


  • A blog looks great on your resume! It’s an excellent opportunity to stand out.
  • It introduces you to new people who may share similar interests or are your future employers, college colleagues, or friends!
  • You’ll develop better writing skills, which are sure to help in your future career.
  • You’ll learn technical skills, such as HTML or CSS.
  • It’ll teach you a lot about business and related techniques, like copywriting and content marketing.



  • …And Even Your Own Career!


Building an online career has never been easier. It’s definitely a better option than that demanding, low-paying on-campus job that you’re considering. WordPress makes starting your online business more accessible than ever by implementing a variety of tips and tricks to automate the whole process and make it easier and more fun.


From a single admin dashboard, it’s possible to create posts, update different plugins, and integrate social media pages. And the best thing about it is that you don’t even have to leave your dorm to work. All it takes is a laptop and a lot of patience. With consistent practice and marketing feats, you’ll be able to earn a substantial amount. That always comes in handy in college!

Here are just some of the types of online work you can do while in college:

  • freelance writer/copywriter; 
  • web/graphic designer;
  • tutor;
  • virtual assistant;
  • social media manager.


You Can Learn How To…


  • …Leave a Positive Digital Footprint

Your own online space speaks for you. In today’s world, it’s a powerful way to establish an online presence that others can see and interact with. Students are perfect candidates for starting their WordPress website, perhaps even with their name as the domain. In that way, they can begin to shape their unique positive digital footprint from quite a young age.

WordPress is an exceptional tool for building your online presence. You can use different SEO techniques to rank your online space higher in search engine results. Make sure to create engaging content that’s not offensive to anyone. A simple rule is – imagine yourself as your future employer looking through your online presence and adjust accordingly. 


  • …And Master New Skills!

You’ve heard it right! Even though using WordPress is as easy as it gets, it still leaves a lot of space for a creative and unique expression. It’s an excellent platform to learn new skills that you can use in other college projects, websites, and even your resume!

Here are a few skills you’ll master while exploring this website platform.

  • Organization Skills


Creating pages and posts in WordPress makes you more organized. If you struggle with that sometimes, this could be an excellent opportunity to practice. Breaking down your project into smaller pieces, methodically working on them, collecting data, and making it appealing are fantastic organization skills.

  • Data Analysis


Boosting the interaction on your website or blog is essential. Data analysis consists of organizing and interpreting collected data that can be put to good use. WordPress is extremely valuable as it gives you a plethora of plugins for such analysis, such as Google Analytics. 

Trying out different methods of analyzing data can be beneficial for your reach and an amazing asset in your future career. It makes any business more productive, predicts customers’ behaviors, and contributes to making the right decisions. There’s no doubt your potential employers would be amazed by your data analysis skill set!


  • Problem-Solving

WordPress is very user-friendly. Yet, don’t expect perfection. Get used to some unexpected situations, glitches, and 404 landing pages. But don’t worry. It’s all a part of the process, and, in turn, it’s what makes you a great problem-solver! 

WordPress Is Here for You

WordPress is here for students to help them learn to communicate, influence, and sharpen their online presence in a beneficial way. 

It can be used for creating your personal online space while maintaining a positive digital footprint. WordPress is here to help you get noticed and venture into the career of your dreams!

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