5 Ways for Tech Students to Awaken Their Artistic Side

Creativity? Leave that to art students…

When we think about tech students, we often believe they’re tied to their computer or laptop screen, staring at number sequences for hours. Although that may be partially true, it’s not all the tech field offers! In reality, when asked why they chose to study technology, many students said it offered a lot of room for creative expression and flexibility. 

It makes sense when you see technology through their eyes. New inventions, codes behind their appealing software, and surprising programs and their modern applications! It’s an ever-growing field filled with talented individuals that change the way we see the world.

…or is it tech-possible?

Advanced computers that do calculations for the mysterious exploration of space, self-driving cars, and artificial intelligence. And even apps that enable you to push a few buttons and get pizza delivered right to your door! Imagine how creative the team of people behind each one of those projects had to be. 

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Without further ado, let’s explore 5 ways that you as a tech student can activate your artistic side and express yourself in a creative way!

  • Lights, Camera, Action!

That’s right – grab your camera, and get out there! Taking photos and videos of whatever you find beautiful or meaningful at the moment is a great way to start. You can tidy up your pics with advanced programs and apps, creating a true masterpiece. While you’re at it, you can learn new concepts, such as color theory or creative design.

Filming and editing videos can be a fantastic way to produce your own piece of digital media. You can direct it, star in it, edit it – and publish it. It’s a digitally creative process from start to finish.

Here are just some creative feats you’ll undertake by delving into the world of visual tech media: 

  • how different colors and lighting affect your digital art 
  • principles of digital technology, like devices that store data (your camera!)
  • editing or polishing by manipulating different visual elements 


  • Play Video Games

This was probably something that first came to your mind when thinking about the link between the tech world and art. Well, you’re right! What’s essential in video game design is being as creative as it gets.

Creating imaginary worlds, characters, and elaborate lore that connects them is a project that activates almost every creative neuron in one’s brain. So, if you’re not already in this field, definitely consider trying it out. You don’t have to create complex or intricate gameplay scenarios; a simple game template would do. 

You’ll suddenly realize it’s not an easy task – and requires a particular type of thinking that’s focused on both creating and solving problems, developing stories, and many other details and specs. That’s creative thinking! Remember to take it slowly – and have fun while you’re at it.

  • Go Social

Social media is encouraging creative expression among students all over the world. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter combine technology with different forms of inspiration in order to create a safe space for artistic expression. You can create your own page (for example, one to showcase those great pics or videos you’ve taken!) or delve deeper into the world of technological connections and social interactions.

Social media is a great way to implement creativity into tech, as well as to develop skills that’ll come in handy in other areas of college and creative expression in general:


  • knowledge of virtual networks
  • cooperation
  • communication
  • troubleshooting
  • project and time management

If you’re pretty advanced in the field yourself, you can try to create your own social media platform! You can invite friends and colleagues to join or even help you with your project. Not only would it get the creative juices flowing, but you’d practice teamwork skills and gain further knowledge of such platforms. Plus, it’d look great on a resume, that’s for sure.

  • STEM It Up

The need for creative expression and technology to work together best in different STEM subjects. It offers a plethora of artistic opportunities that are sure to bend your mind in unexpected ways! Today, creative thinking in STEM fields is used more than ever before – building virtual models of your devices, robots, programs, and all sorts of valuable gadgets.

Engineering students now have more opportunities than ever to invent and lead projects concerning robotic technology, which is a fascinating field. We can find it in more and more areas, such as earth and space exploration, surgery, and laboratory research.

  • More Than Just Tech Art

There are many more ways tech skills could be used in a creative way. Think of any form of art today. We have software that can analyze it, store its data, and reproduce it to a certain degree. It goes to show how advanced different software can be – and how we as humans have always turned to creativity when constructing them.

Here are some more ideas to get your artistic mind excited:

  • Digital art

Nowadays, there are many different digital drawing software programs designed to help you create digital art. Tablets and pens for touch screens are the only tools you need to start out. 

  • 3D printing

3D printing hasn’t been around for too long, but the impact it made is immeasurable. 3D printing has even permeated the medical world, with the human heart being the first even printed organ! It’s also used to print out tools, furniture – and even whole houses!

  • VR

Virtual reality is an entirely fabricated and simulated experience made possible precisely by creative tech people! Even though it’s mainly used in the entertainment sphere, its applications are much broader than that. For example, there’s a form of therapy called VRET (virtual reality exposure therapy), which helps people get over phobias and even PTSD!

Best of Both Worlds

Tech and art create a wonderful symbiosis. It solved many seemingly unsolvable problems by adopting a new perspective. Being an artist in any field enables us to take up any situation and spin it around as much as possible before we think of a solution. 

Remember that the world needs artists and their brilliant minds, but don’t think that only skilled painters or sculptors are true artists. Just being able to organize, think outside the box and solve problems as they come makes you a creative artist in your field!

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