5 Factors For Choosing The Right File Sharing Solution

File sharing is a necessity in IT companies, where you can share important documents across the machines. There are many solutions available online and you can subscribe to them for a robust experience. However, a newbie should consider plenty of aspects in mind because everything boils down to requirements. Make a list of the requirements that are needed for the file sharing and then you can take a final decision.


You got different types of storage & bandwidth options in the file-sharing system. You have to pay attention to the specifications and packages because that will make a huge difference in the final price quotation. There are many aspects to consider while buying services from third-party companies.

File Sharing Requirements

  1. Check if you have limited/unlimited or metered/unmetered packages
  2. Make sure that there are hidden costs/not
  3. Ensure that you have added all team members in the quotation
  4. Do in-depth research on cloud services and local services

Readers have to take a lot of points into consideration because you might end up paying more than what it is worth. Many file-sharing companies have representatives who are taught to negotiate and increase the price. You have to know the requirements and the market price to get the best deal.

Security Protocols & Encryption

Security for file sharing server

Business people share lots of data within the organization and the documents contain confidential information. Millions of enterprise & small companies are targeted by the attackers because they can steal information and sell it. Ransomware is malware that attacked millions of businesses and business people’s machines. The threat took the stored data hostage and demanded the victims to pay via digital currency. Discuss the security & encryption model with the enterprise-grade file sharing provider because that’s the core part of the digital protection.

Administrator Control Panel & Dashboard

Administrator Control Panel & Dashboard

Your employees are going to have dedicated accounts associated with the company. You cannot miss the control panel out of the equation because that’s an important tool to have in the package. Your employees will have lots of options in the dashboard and that’s going to give them access to the file and folders.

  1. What options and features the master control panel is going to have
  2. How many roles can you assign to the employees?
  3. What controls employees are going to get?
  4. How does the master control panel will control the account type and how it’s being used?

The administrator is going to have access to the master control panel and it is important to discuss the functions & features. There is no way you are going to allow the employees to have access to irrelevant confidential documents or data.

Dedicated Server & Specifications

Dedicated server for file sharing

The company people are traveling across the globe or within the city. You have to ensure that the business has a strong dedicated server for cloud storage. Every enterprise has a small number of employees or a larger number of employees. You have to consider server specification into the equation because you don’t want to find out that it requires a hardware upgrade later down the line.

A) Is the server is dedicated or shared? A dedicated server is recommended for maximum performance and security.



D) Storage

E) Bandwidth

F) Number of users/team members

G) Maintenance costs

A dedicated server will have all the important things that are required to have a smooth transition for the enterprise. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance and scalability, and it’s going to have top-notch features.

Cross-platform support

Cross-platform support

A study has found that the employees of all positions use the different operating system as daily drivers. The majority of the individuals were found to use Windows OS, while many employees preferred macOS machines. Several important people in the companies were using Linux operating system as a daily driver for utmost security. The good news is that the file-sharing providers are supporting Windows, macOS, and Linux applications. The study has revealed that mobile usage has increased among professional people, and a dedicated app is developed for business people as well.

Bottom Line

Enterprise-grade file-sharing provider plays a crucial role in the process as they bring robust technology & innovation for the business. There are so many providers in the market, but you have to ensure that you choose a reputed company like Gladinet for quality, performance, security, and new features.

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