3 Ways to Build Better Teams at Work

It’s another New Year, and employees have lasted nearly two years through a pandemic. Frontline workers risked contracting COVID-19 on the job, and many employees lucky enough not to get sick and remain at their job are burned out.

Managers are always looking for new ways to give their teams some motivation or a boost. Hopefully, one of these solutions works for you.

1. Job Description Software

Job description software uses a competency framework to help HR professionals craft better job descriptions in less time. Attract the talent you need and find them faster with a database of competency-based job descriptions your HR pros can customize as needed or use as they come.

Job description software also helps during the interview process because leading platforms use the same underlying competencies as the basis for probing interview questions. Finally, competencies become the basis for employee evaluation, so there’s consistency between how employees are recruited, probed, and assessed.

The software also gives each employee hard targets needed to advance through the company, which gives them badly needed clarity and more control over their career. Finally, job description software helps companies leverage AI and HR wisdom refined over decades to sidestep perpetuating systemic discrimination accidentally, so teams are built on steady foundations.

A group of people in a meeting Description automatically generated with low confidence

2. Trust and Support

Employees are more likely to feel invested in their work when they feel valued in turn, which is impossible without the right level of trust and support. This is always true and important, but especially in a pandemic, give them the space they need to work at home if they feel unwell or take paid-time-off.

If your team members feel like they are being professionally punished for taking their health needs seriously, it’ll be almost impossible to carry on with the rest of the job.

Trust them and give them the support needed, and you’ll have a wonderful foundation on which to build a strong relationship and progress professionally together.

3. Communicate Often and Effectively

It’s impossible to hold employees accountable for things they don’t know about, which is why managers need to communicate with them about any issues as they arise. Just like a teacher can’t blame a student when they haven’t explained the assignment fully or properly, managers must ensure employees have clear instructions, or they can’t hold them accountable for failure.

Then, if there’s a problem with their work, managers can discuss it with them and take it from there. Clear communication can either prevent the problem from occurring in the first place or lead to a solution.

When workers feel connected to the work they do and their employer, they’re likelier to produce better work and enjoy their lives. If your workplace uses the right blend of modern tools and timeless team building skills, it can enjoy a much-needed boost to start off the new year. Keep the above tips in mind, and hopefully, you can get a great start to 2022.

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