Brand Marketing: The Secret to Driving Sales this Festive Season

The festive periods and the startup economy: two things that don’t go together. Not everyone can afford to take leave, and besides that, it’s impossible to relax and enjoy the holidays when there’s work to be done. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the festive season too!

To make this December season a productive one, small business owners should look beyond the usual PR and advertising initiatives and embrace the importance of engaging in brand marketing.

To leverage this festive opportunity, experts at have suggested doing the following :

  1. Think visually

In a world where people are bombarded with information, visuals attract customers at the first look. Everyone loves to see visuals. Images have been proven to increase engagement on social media by as much as 23%.

We know that visuals are the best way to get your marketing messages across, but our attention span is getting shorter and shorter by the minute. We get distracted so quickly by the latest images of the cute puppy or kitten on Instagram or Facebook.

Visuals are easy to understand and are far better than long text. When you use visuals, your customers understand your marketing messages more easily. Using visuals in your marketing will help you sell more, not just this Festive season but throughout the year.


  1. Speak in one voice


One of the most important factors in terms of brand marketing is consistency. Whether it is the tone of voice or the way the visuals present themselves, the delivered message should be consistent. This will assure your customers that they’ll get a consistent experience across different social media platforms. In addition, a strong brand identity lets your customers immediately recognize your posts on social media.

Another important factor in brand marketing is a brand’s personality or tone of voice. A strong personality helps create a relationship between the business and customers. They will get to know about your brand by following your updates on social media. Businesses can strengthen this personality over time by creating over time.

  1. Stay in your target market’s head

The secret to holiday marketing isn’t about who your target market is but rather how your target market thinks. The truth is, the holidays are a stressful time for everyone. Between preparing a feast for a big Thanksgiving dinner and hauling a Christmas tree home from a crowded lot to lighting a cocoa brazier to celebrate Kwanzaa – this time of year is a torrent of stress aimed at the pocketbook.

  1. Think Analytically

In an age where algorithms measure loyalty and relationships, analytics and numbers seem to be the only way of ensuring customer growth. So, if that’s true, why do thousands of brands fail to use analytics effectively? The answer is – because they don’t have a clear brand marketing strategy. Try to be a part of a conversation or a movement rather than starting one. It becomes easier to build a customer base as a brand marketer if you are part of a bigger movement.

Brand building is hectic, but following these simple steps can help businesses tremendously during the festive season if handled well.


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