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Mathematics has always been a mind goggling trouble for most of the kids. If the concepts are not developed from the primary level, a kid might turn out to be weak on this subject. It is really very important to build a demonstrative approach so that the kid can grasp up the concept easily making learning a fun. ZapZapMath is the mobile-first platform that has made learning math fun for the kids. Initially launched for mobile devices, it is now available for PC as well. Let us explore more about the ZapZapMath app.


Learning about ZapZapMath App

zapzap math

ZapZapMath application offers the intergalactic practice quizzes with an array of math skills starting from the kindergarten level to grade six. It has a total of 150 mathematical topics that cover Common Core Math Standards for the elementary school. ZapZapMath application is interactive and faced paced. The games and the topics are well arranged according to the difficulty level. The kids can develop good understanding playing these games and develop the problem solving abilities clearing their concepts.

Top Notch Features of ZapZapMath Application

The ZapZapMath app is an effective solution for parents and teachers who wish to make learning easy for the kids. It comes packed with exclusive range of features. Some of them have been listed here.

  • The games available in this app are fun to play and are interactive too.
  • Your child can practice hundreds of new math topics and gain skills.
  • Each of the math topics has been divided into 4 different skills – Training, Accuracy, Speed, and Mission.
  • The child can stay attentive during the gameplay and therefore learn more.
  • The game will advance with the progress of child and will also embed logical & problem solving ability in the child.
  • The adaptive learning skills help the kids to boost up their confidence.
  • Individual performance of the kid can be tracked by parents and teachers.
  • This app also helps in identifying the areas of weakness of your kid.

Topics Covered by ZapZapMath App

The ZapZapMath application covers the comprehensive range of mathematics topics that are delivered with proper orientation and structure. It has hundreds of games covering 11 basic topics for the kids.

  1. Addition
  2. Subtraction
  3. Fractions
  4. Ratio
  5. Multiplication
  6. Geometry
  7. Coordinates
  8. Measurements
  9. Angles
  10. Time
  11. Pre-School Mathematics

The Setup

You need to download this app on your smartphone from PlayStore and install it. After installing the application, follow the steps given below to start with it.

  • Signup by filling the signup form and get your Zap ID. You can even play the games as a guest.

play the quiz

  • You can find different games from Kindergarten level to Grade 6. Choose according to your kid’s ability.


  • You can enroll your kid to play the game once you have selected it.
  • The child will play the game and will be given scores based on performance. At the end of the game, you can judge your kid’s performance.

Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) 2017

The ZapZapMath team is organizing a conference from 25 January to 27 January to let the people know about the new changes made to the app interface. The app has been renovated to help the kid in learning math in an efficient manner. The parents and teachers can visit the conference and learn how the app will motivate kids to learn math in a funny way. More info is available from this page


  • It is an interactive app to make your kids learn mathematics in an easy way.
  • It has over hundreds of games covering 11 interesting sections of mathematics.
  • The individual performance of the kid can be easily tracked.


  • The games are only available up to grade 6..


The app is available for both parents and teachers. The plans have been made depending on the type of use. It has different plans for parents and teachers. Let us have a look at it.

For Parents


For Teachers


The Last Words

ZapZapMath is a stunning application for both parents and teachers who are looking to improve the skills of their kids or students respectively. Most of its features can be utilized for free, but you need to go for the premium plans in order to maximize the learning sessions of your kid. Being a parent or teacher, you must choose this app.

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