YouTube Best Top Viral Tricks 2024 For The All The Vloggers And YouTubers

Here are some of the simple tips & tricks you should know in 2020 to make your Youtube video viral ! Many Youtubers intentionally or unintentionally hide these simple secrets to make the Youtube video a great success !

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  • Upload: Always upload Youtube videos using Google Chrome or Youtube App. The reason is that when we upload via these two platforms it will trigger the Youtube Algorithm and drives more views to your video as well as to your channel.

  • File Name : The file name of the uploading video should be same as of your Youtube video title which makes easier for the Algorithm to understand about your video. Also, don’t forget to keep the same name for your thumbnail also.

  • Before 3 Hrs : Always upload the video at least 3 hours before publishing the video ! Youtube Algorithm needs time to recognize your video since 1000s of videos are uploading every single minute!

Additional Tip : More time you give before publishing better the result.

  • Premiere Show : Try to release your video through premiering instead of just publishing it ! While premiering your video it shows on the homepage of new viewers and get more views !

Additional Tip : Release your video at Prime Time or Weekend .

  • Crucial 48 : First 48 hours are so crucial for your new video ! The fate of your Youtube video ultimately depends on the two days performance of your published video. So try to promote the video via Facebook, Whatsapp, etc within this time limit, so that you get more views and results in great boost to the youtube algorithm !

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These are 5 Killer Steps to make your Youtube Video Viral !

In Youtube, content is always the KING ! You can’t gain views or success if the videos lacks good content for watching! So good luck for your new video !

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