Link Building for SEO: The Beginner’s Guide (2024)

A link is a way for users to navigate from one site or page to another when they click on it. Links play an important role in increasing site positions in search results. If you need to develop your brand, attract investors, get first positions using link building, or solve other PR problems, use the paid guest posting platform


How to Make Links Popular

The popularity of the site on search platforms occurs through links. Link building is the process that helps some websites refer to the pages of others. There are strategies for doing it.

  1. A few years ago, the “adding links” method was common. It implied visiting a site and placing on one of its pages a link manually by adding a comment under some publication, creating a profile, posting information in Q&A sites, etc. This strategy was widespread and attractive but ineffective. Competitors could promote their services in the same way, and comments with links under publications, for example, blog articles, could annoy their owners. 

  2. An SEO beginner can ask website owners to post his or her link on their page. It should be mutually beneficial for both. This strategy is called “request for a link.” It includes methods such as ego bait, link exchange, PR, and guest blogs.

  3. The most popular method for promoting a website is buying links. This process consists of:

  • groups of websites where you can effectively post links or articles. In other words, there are private blogs whose owners are selling link places.

  • spam sellers who sell their services by email.

  1. The “earning links” strategy works without your knowledge. That is, you can accidentally find information that other sites refer to your web page. This means that your information or services are interesting to other users.

  2. The “save links” method is aimed at saving all links, using link reclamation, or fixing broken links.

The main goal for SEO is to distribute the link that will help take the page to a leading position. SEO beginners need to evaluate their sites. Several tips will help them to do this.

  1. You should analyze the market and try to make as many people as possible know about your site. You don’t have to pay attention to which site is cool or famous. You need to become competitive so that readers from other resources go to your site.

  2. You should build relationships with sites that are directly related to the topic of your site. This is necessary to be sure that readers will follow the posted link.

  3. One of the well-working methods to popularize a site is to use an anchor. This is a small fragment of an article that helps navigate to another site if you tap on it. In this case, the reader understands which site he or she can go to.

  4. Users prefer to see inserted links at the beginning of the article. Many readers are too lazy to follow links if they are located below the middle of the text. It is desirable to use few links in the text to make sure that the reader will become interested in them.

  5. Try to create as many links as possible to sites that are similar in topic to yours because then, their owners can link to your site.

Link Building Tactics

Below is a list of several link-building tactics for SEO.

  1. Going by competitor’s links. An SEO beginner needs to find information on how the competitors have become successful. The main task is to follow competitors’ links to find the original source. Perhaps, their owners will be interested in promoting one’ link.

  2. Creating linked resources. Your product may already be interesting to other page owners who decide to refer to your site. It is necessary to understand why they did it and focus on this fact. So, try to view information about this: how often is your site mentioned and on which pages?

  3. A tactic to promote content is needed to attract a new audience. This is done by posting advertisements or posting links in communities.

  4. Bloggers are constantly looking for new audiences. One way to do this is to use a guest blog service. SEO beginners offer their content to bloggers to post on their websites.

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