AI Use Will Only Rise: Market Growth Forecasts

The AI market is projected to experience remarkable growth in the coming years, with forecasts indicating a substantial increase in market size and adoption rates. According to industry reports, the global AI market size is anticipated to reach $190 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 35% from 2021 to 2025.

This growth can be attributed to the rising demand for AI technologies across various sectors, such as healthcare, finance, retail, and manufacturing. Specifically here are some AI market forecasts:

– The healthcare industry is expected to experience significant AI adoption, with a forecasted CAGR of 40% during the same period.

– AI-powered customer service applications are anticipated to generate cost savings of over $8 billion by 2025.

– The financial services sector will leverage AI for fraud detection, risk assessment, algorithmic trading, personalised financial recommendations, fostering innovation and cost reduction. It will also influence how fintech products are promoted, drastically changing current fintech marketing strategies, used in 2023.

– The retail sector is expected to witness increased AI implementation, leading to improved inventory management, personalised marketing, and enhanced customer experiences.

– The manufacturing industry will embrace AI technologies for optimising production processes, predictive maintenance, and quality control, contributing to operational efficiency gains.

As the AI market experiences exponential growth, it is expected that the number of AI startups will also increase significantly. These startups will strive to capitalise on the burgeoning demand for AI technologies and solutions. To effectively navigate the competitive landscape and establish their brand presence, AI startups will increasingly recognize the need for specialised PR and marketing support. 

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Engaging an AI PR agency like FINPR Agency can provide startups with the expertise and industry knowledge required to effectively communicate their value proposition, differentiate themselves in the market, and attract potential investors and customers.

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