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What if you are in a situation like driving where you could not answer your phone calls or in an important meeting ? And you want to let the callers know that you can’t answer their phone calls now. Ok by setting auto reply text messages is one of the known. But what if there is also an automation app that shows your status in real-time ? Status android app has been rolled out exclusively to solve these problems.

Status android app review

  • Free for both android and ios
  • Even though it’s free there are no ads or in-app purchase to unlock full version

Initial setups

  • After successfully installing it from the Google play store, a simple yet an elegant intro shows a quick glimpse of its features, you have to slide down instead of swiping from right to left


  • After which you need to verify your mobile number ( support most of the countries) by entering the pin that you received in the call

C flaoting multitasking android app

  • Set up your avatar,by default it grabs your Google account picture

Google profile avatar

  • Set your home location ( recommended) or just skip it as you can later add it

Setting home location

  • Now go to the settings and connect your cars Bluetooth for telling the callers that you are riding

Connecting with bluetooth

  • After establishing successful connection with cars bluetooth

Status automatically says that you are on the road

By connecting WiFi you can tell that you are at home or office to your friends when they need you to answer the calls

What if you are at unknown location ?

Status will show that ” Out and about ” as shown below


Out and about

  • Giving access to your calendar from the settings automatically shows that you are on a meeting on the date that you have specified in the calendar
  • Hide up your location and go off the grid by selecting off the grid mode and wait for few seconds for syncing it with servers

Off the grid option

You can find the ones in your contact list that’s already using Status app or invite friends by clicking on the plus button ” +” from the homepage

Remaining settings available


Account settings



Note : Callers needed to install it to work as it should be

So what about the resource usage as it continues to run in the background ?

Looks like its lite and you can see it from the picture below


Low consumption

Suggestion to the developer

  • Integration with social media accounts will be better in finding the friends that’s on this sharing network

Other info

  • Version : 1.2.7
  • APK Size : 4.8MB
  • Requires : 4.1 and above
  • Developer : Egomotion Corp

Final Thought

Without compromising on our privacy now its possible to autoupdate in real-time with Status app.

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