Which are the next billion-dollar startups?

The startup ecosystem has seen a manifold jump throughout the globe and can intelligently grow into a billion-dollar business. That’s a major reason investors show great interest in the system. While the offshore online sportsbooks have been an enduring fad, startups seem to be a blockbuster future. But the BIG question that arises is – what are the odds of creating a billion-dollar valuation? The domino effect of a startup can result in colossal excitement and pressure together.

The digital world is racing hurriedly, but not every startup gets recognised as a unicorn. Google and Facebook, launched in the 1990s and early 2000s, are the first to top the charts of billion-dollar valuation and at a time when 0.07% of startups outreached the status. Since then, the count of unicorn startups has ballooned, guaranteeing sheer success.

We are betting on these juggernauts who are the quintessence of innovation, management, human resources, market acquisition and robust funding.


Launched in 2012, Blue Apron is the pioneer in meal-kit subscriptions and has rightfully changed how food is produced, distributed and consumed. The New York-based company provides the subscribers with high-quality big attractive blue boxes at their doorstep. Blue Apron caters to people’s food needs in all shapes and sizes, accompanied by professional recipe cards. The company started on a minute scale in a Brooklyn warehouse and currently stands at a net worth of $0.11B.

  • ByteDance

Founded in 2012, a multinational technology offers an artificial intelligence-enabled content platform with a dozen of products like- TopBuzz, TikTok, Toutiao and more. The company thrives on fostering creativity while informing, educating and entertaining people across all geographic cultures. The tech company owns a wide-ranging portfolio with over 150 markets and 75 languages. In 2017, ByteDance stretched its league in Japan and, within a year, increased the user’s pp online time by 18%. Recent estimates suggest the parent company is at $275 billion.

  • Beepi

While the internet has changed pretty much everything, Beepi hasn’t by providing a peer-to-peer platform for buying and selling cars. Launched in 2014, Beepi was the only startup purporting the process for sellers and buyers with promises and guarantees. The California company went one step ahead with its curated services of delivery, inspection, paperwork and more. Beepi started a car revolution with its radical new ways and gained lucrativeness. It has raised more than $149M and is now over 200 locations across six US states.

  • Databricks

The cloud platform aims at simplifying data storage with efficient analysis and execution. The platform is flying high and claims a third position in the digital analytics space. It is a one-stop solution for structured and unstructured data. Databricks also serves as a unified base for all data, AI and analytics activities. The platform efficiency eases out operations analysts, data scientists and data engineers. The company has surpassed $1 billion in annualised revenue.

Strangely we are betting big on the B’s! There has been a high rush of groundbreaking ideas from the startup space. While some flump and get lost in the crowd, a few names procure unicorn status with a $1 billion valuation. The journey of burgeoning from the nascent stage to blossoming into a unicorn is full of challenges.

Truth be told, everyone dreams of sparkling like a unicorn.

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