Top 8 Fixes for ‘Word Could Not Create the Work File’ Error on Windows 11 10

While majority of people uses Windows for their desktop computing tasks, it still manages to get multiple types of errors. The Windows experience is a not a smooth sail especially when you get an error like “Word Could Not Create the Work File”. So in your windows 10 or 11 PC or laptop, you may want to check out the fixes below if you are facing such issue.

Turn Off The Preview Pane

The Preview pane solution here in File Explorer is a quick workaround if the error happens while previewing documents. This feature can be temporarily disabled to stop the error message from showing.

Using the Windows key + E shortcut, launch File Explorer, go to the View menu, choose Show, and turn off the Preview pane option.

Check Environmental Variables

One possible reason for the error Word file is a missing environment variable. To remedy this, take these actions:

  • The Start menu can be right-clicked, then choose Settings.
  • Go to System and head to About section from there.
  • Choose Advanced system settings under Related links.
  • “Environment Variables” option is where should be heading next, in the System Properties window.

  • Click New under User variables.
  • Enter %userprofile% in Variable name.
  • Type C:\Users\username> in Variable value; replace <username> with the actual user folder.
  • To save the new variable, click OK.

Check Disk Errors with CHKDSK and SFC

The error could be caused by corrupted system files or disk errors. To fix this, use the Check Disk and System File Checker (SFC) tools:

  • To access Terminal (Admin), right-click on the Start icon and choose it.

  • Click Yes on the UAC prompt.
  • After typing SFC /scannow, hit Enter.
  • Use the command chkdsk c: /r /scan /perf to launch the Check Disk utility after the SFC scan is finished.

  • Check to see if Microsoft Word errors continue after restarting your computer.

Disable Preview Pane

Disabling File Explorer’s Preview pane is another possible fix because Word may conflict with it. Take these actions:

  • Navigate to a folder containing Word documents by opening File Explorer.
  • To turn it off, click View in the menu bar and choose Show > Preview pane.
  • Make sure the option is not selected.
  • Try to open or save your Word document after you have closed File Explorer.

Create A Temporary Folder

Word’s incapacity to create temporary files can be fixed by manually creating a temporary folder. Take these actions:

  • To launch the Run dialog, press the Windows key + R.
  • Replace [YourUsername] with your real username and enter C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache. Then, hit Enter.

  • In order to create a new folder called Content.Word, press Control + Shift + N.
  • To resume using Microsoft Word, restart your computer.

Use Windows Registry

The error can be resolved by reregistering Word and other Office files in the registry. Take these actions:

  • Run can be chosen by right-clicking the Start menu.
  • Type regedit into Run and click OK.
  • Choose File > Export to create a registry backup before making any changes.
  • To delete the key, navigate toHKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID{84F66100-FF7C-4fb4-B0C0-02CD7FB668FE}.
  • Locate and remove HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID{65235197-874B-4A07-BDC5-E65EA825B718}.
  • To delete the key, navigate to


  • After quitting Registry Editor, turn on your computer again.

Set the Default Location for new Files

Check the default location for temporary internet files if errors continue to occur:

  • To launch the Run dialog, press the Windows key + R.
  • Inetcpl.cpl is typed, then hit Enter.
  • Click Settings in the Internet Properties window, and then select the Move Folder option.
  • Click the OK button after navigating to C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache.

Open Word In Safe Mode

The error may be caused by a Word add-in that is acting strangely. To find the problematic add-in, use Word in safe mode:

  • Double-click the Word shortcut while holding down the Control key.
  • To confirm opening in safe mode, select Yes. If the error doesn’t appear when you try to open or save documents, one of the add-ins might be the cause.
  • Click File, then go to “Options” in Word.
  • Click the Add-ins tab, choose Manage from the drop-down menu, then click COM Add-ins.
  • To disable add-ins, clear the checkboxes and press OK.
  • Turn on Word again, select each add-in one at a time, and find the offending one.


Tons of reasons can take the role for causing such Word error. From a corrupted file to a disk issue can be the reason here. So the top 8 fixes for such issue should help get around with the error.

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