Convert Word File DOCX or DOC File To PDF Without Any Software Or Apps In Windows 10

PDF to Word

Normally many of us use a free PDF converter to do this, but there are too many limitations in the free version like water marking in all the pages converted to PDF or the software limits only you to covert first 2 pages of the Microsoft Word Document.

There many new cool features that comes with new Windows 10 update and converting any Word document to PDF is one of the hidden feature that don’t appear in their log file.

Note : You can’t use this trick if the file is a password protected one.

Word Document To PDF Full Guide Including Pics

Step 1 : Just open any word document file (DOCX,DOC etc)

Step 2 : Now use the hotkey Ctrl + P or select the print option from “File” menu located in top left corner.

Step 3 : Choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” from the drop down menu “Printer” , see the picture added below for more clarification

printing paper

Step 4 : Select the “Print” option

saving as PDf

Step 5 : A popup window will show up asking you where to save the file in PDF, choose the location, name your file and Word will save the file in PDF format without loosing any type of formatting.


Step 6 : Now go to the saved location and see the result by yourself.

Method 2

Step 1 : Go to “File” and select “Save As” in the MS Office Word

Step 2: Select the location that you want to save the document or select the “Browse” to select a new location

Step 3 : A popup window will again come up and ask the file name required, enter a desired name and from “Save As Type” drop down menu select PDF and hit save. Done

save as type

Additional Guide In Converting Any Pictures or Images To PDF format

Step 1 : Just right click on the picture and from the context menu choose the “Print” option like shown below

right click

Step 2 : Now choose the customization you need from the popup window and hit the “Print” button

Note : Don’t forget to choose the Portable Document Format from the drop down menu.

Step 3 : Like in the above methods a popup will open and asks you to name the file, just do it and hit the save button and you are good to go.

save button

Note : You can’t edit those DOCX to Portable Document Format converted file and this is the only limitation of this trick. Also there will be loss in picture quality if you open it in Microsoft Edge Browser, open it in the default Reader app and check, there is no loss in quality of the picture or the image.

Hope now you know how to convert and document file to PDF.

If you find this guide or tutorial difficult to understand do drop your comments and we will help you with the conversion task, provided you drop your correct email id.


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