Complianz GDPR Plugin Review| Implement GDPR Requirements on your Website

You might have seen that all the big players like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and basically all of them have already taken the necessary steps and have made the changes to their website according to the GDPR requirements. The cookie notification have been enabled by a number of websites on the web, but now, the requirements are many and some of them are not at all easy to implement.

So, to ensure that your WordPress website follows the GDPR requirements, we bring you the all new GDPR plugin by Complianz. Let us learn more about it.

About Complianz GDPR Plugin

Complianz GDPR plugin is a complete privacy bundle for your WordPress website that saves you from a lot of issues that may arise because of missing cookie policies, legal documents, or other documents on your website. It is helpful in creating the custom made legal documents (disclaimer, privacy policy, cookie policy, data-leak report, processing agreement).

You can make your website GDPR compliant and include automated detection of cookies, check if you need a cookie warning or not, integrate WP privacy features, choose to add statements of plugins to the cookie policy, and generate the privacy policy page. The documents created are validated by the legal team of ICTRecht of some big companies of the industry.

Ultimate Features of Complianz GDPR Plugin

Complianz GDPR plugin is packed with some exclusive features. Some of them are as follows:

Create Legal Documents

Setting up the legal documents on your website becomes easy with this plugin. You get a complete dashboard in which you can setup the legal documents and other documents as well. Simply fill in the questions, check the predefined cookies and you are done.

You can easily create the privacy policy page, set cookie policies, create disclaimer, and can create as many documents as you want for the third party. After creating the document, you can go to the ‘Processing Agreements’ section to check if the documents you created have been verified or not.

Cookie Notification

It is really important to get consent before you start collecting data from your website users. You can setup the cookie notification in any style and place it anywhere. This plugin also blocks the non-functional scripts that are placed in its ‘Script Center’. The cookies and script will work only after visitors’ explicit consent.

Website Scan

As your site is always susceptible to the changes in plugin, scripts, and cookies, this plugin keeps a track of it. It scans your entire website to suggest you the changes that need to be done in the policies and agreements created for the website visitors. Its cookie database is updated constantly to provide you the most updated descriptions.

Inventory for Data Breaches

What to do when someone hacked your database or stole everything regarding data? You can make use of the Data Breach Inventory to find it out if you are not sure that this incident actually happened. If a significant data breach has happened, you can alert those who are involved by using the configured document.

What Else?

The geolocation feature has been added to the plugin. This means that the cookie warning will not be visible in the countries without the cookie law. Why to show the warning to your visitors from such countries. Also, the free version of the plugin will be released soon that will include cookie warning option, but not the legal documents.


The single domain license for this plugin can be purchased at €99 while the same license for 5 domains can be purchased at €299. If you are a reseller or an agency, you can contact them anytime to get the best deal. The free version of this plugin will be available soon with cookie warning feature.

The Bottom Line

The Complianz GDPR plugin is the solution to all your troubles. If you don’t wish to break the laws that might harm your website in specific countries, it is important to make your website GDPR compliant. Doing it manually is a cumbersome process. So, why not do it with the help of this plugin, making your life easy. Go for it.

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