Best Driver Updater Software For Windows 11 For Laptop PC 2024

Keeping up to date with your Windows 11 drivers improves the stability of your computer. If you are facing issues with your drivers then it’s time you check for any updates for your drivers. Windows has its native solution to updating your drivers but it does not work all the time. In fact, it fails to deliver or find proper driver versions for your hardware.

If you are looking for third-party driver updater tools then you have lots of options. These tools boast millions of drivers and can find suitable drivers for you. As a user, your only job is to install them and set them up, the tools will do the rest. Here are the 5 best Driver Updater software for Windows 11.

Driver Booster

Driver Booster is an easy recommendation because of its excellence and compatibility with all Windows versions. It has flawless execution when it comes to finding the right drivers for you. You can detect old or outdated drivers and update them in quick succession.

There are around 8 million drivers available in Driver Booster and 6 million of them are free. So with this many drivers, there is no way that this tool won’t find a suitable driver for your device. Users can create a restore point as well as compare the newer to older drivers.

Snappy Driver

One particularly useful tool for downloading and updating multiple drivers at once is Snappy Driver Installer. Users can quickly install updates with this software. Even though the interface could be a little confusing at first, it’s a great option because it doesn’t have any ads, allows for unlimited download speeds, and can be used straight from a portable device. The Snappy Driver Installer Origin Forum is a must read for beginners who wants to understand how to update drivers and other things. It guarantees a smooth driver update process and is compatible with all Windows versions.


DriversEasy’s main showcasing feature is its automatic checking for outdated Windows drivers. Conveniently, this automation allows for flexibility in the intervals between scans. Whether your PC Is in use or not, you can schedule timely scans.

The user experience is made simpler by the program’s internal driver download feature, which eliminates the need to open an external browser. This also makes this tool one of a kind since other competitors usually prompt you to open a browser to show results.

With its extensive database of more than 8 million drivers, users can easily find new drivers. The extra features like the ability to view hardware information and identify network drivers offline are a cherry on top.

Although there are some features that need to be paid for, Driver Easy is a dependable option for effective driver management because it works with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.


DriverIdentifier has a straightforward driver-checking method. It presents the results in a web browser for manual download and installation. Although it doesn’t have a scheduler built-in, its portability and ease of use make it a useful tool for checking for out-of-date drivers.

Users can run scans without an internet connection which is a noteworthy feature. Moreover, the driver updater comes in handy when troubleshooting network card driver problems. DriverIdentifier, which works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP, is a convenient tool for those looking for a straightforward driver-checking experience.


DriverHub provides an interface that anyone can understand. This program is efficient for managing, downloading, and installing drivers. It also has a dedicated recovery section which can resolve any mishaps. Its simple layout and menu buttons are easy to spot and understandable.

For a more individualized approach, users can opt to investigate version numbers and alternative driver installations or simply follow the program’s recommendations. DriverHub offers a dependable solution for driver-related tasks and guarantees compatibility with Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. A prevalent drawback of DriverHub is that features like auto-run are not free.


Your drivers may require regular updates to work optimally. Thanks to these tools mentioned above, you can get the correct driver version that you want to install. All the tools work on different operating systems including Windows 11.

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