Three major benefits of 3D printing

3D printing is obviously a very exciting method, but it does have some disadvantages as well. For example, it can cost quite a lot of money. Another problem may be about the materials and printing methods. There are many different options available, so this could be a hard decision. This is especially the case if your budget is relatively limited, which makes 3D printing Houston obviously a bit harder. On the other hand, 3D printing Austin has a multitude of advantages too. Some of the benefits can be found below.


Even though some people see 3D printing as expensive, it can also be seen as quite affordable actually. This is especially the case if you compare it to the traditional ways to create prototypes. Examples of these ways are injection mold tools and production runs, which are way more expensive than 3D printing. This process offers affordable options to produce pieces and tools with the help of additive manufacturing at rates way cheaper than traditional machining. For example, 3D printing can be used to create prosthetics. These are low-cost compared to the regular ones. This is especially useful for young children since they outgrow their prosthetic limbs constantly.

Customization of 3D printing

Another advantage of 3D printing is that it enables companies to customize their products in an easy way. Nowadays most industries use mass-production in order to produce their items. All products will thus use the same mold and will have a similar design and shape. These objects will obviously not be unique. However, with 3D printing you can definitely customize the products. Just a part of the prototype has to be tweaked in order to personalize the item. This way it will cater your needs better. Customized 3D prints are already used a lot in the dental and medical sectors.

Quick turn-around

Traditional manufacturing will require machining and tooling, this entire process may take weeks. This problem is solved with the help of 3D printing. This technique will not take more than a few hours. Build at it the end of the day so the item will certainly be finished if you wake up the next day for example. To be able to do this you obviously need a design, which needs to be converted to a file that can be read by the 3D printer. Following this the machine will automatically start printing the design.

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