The Pros and cons of net application development

The question what is .net development is rather common. Basically, .NET is a platform from Microsoft that allows you to create software applications. The first release of the .NET Framework was in 2002. The .NET Framework is believed to have been created as an alternative to Sun’s Java platform. The main difference is that the .NET Framework is designed to work with Microsoft. Since then, it has come a long way from version 1.0 to 4.8. And today, despite the emergence of a new generation platform (.NET Core), it is still quite popular. There are many software products, libraries and frameworks, which are written and developed under the .NET Framework. Nowadays net application development services are rather popular.

The Pros of NET Development

Languages ​​and platforms are created for solving specific problems and developing appropriate software products. .NET has its own specifics too. At the same time, the range of products that .NET developers are working on is very wide. Just look at this list: it lists companies using .NET from a wide variety of industries, from finance and trade to academia and social. In general, all the variety of software products that are created for .NET can be grouped as follows.

Advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft .NET technology

The relatively recent Microsoft .NET technology has many advantages over earlier technologies. But nothing is given for free, the new technology also has a number of disadvantages. Let’s consider both that, and another in a little more detail.

Here are the advantages of dotnet:

  • Unified API tools for developing programs.
  • Simplicity of docking of multilingual modules.
  • Ready-to-use classes that implement various algorithms.
  • Installation of programs for .NET does not require installers; a simple copy of the program to the desired folder is done. As a result, during installation, no entries are made to the Windows registry, so after removing such programs, no “garbage” remains in the registry.


The speed of the programs is noticeably reduced, and it’s definitely disadvantage of net development. According to my observations, by 40-50 percent, even for purely counting algorithms. This is a lot. But taking into account the constant growth of productivity of new types of computer technology, this is not fatal. Although on an old technique, such programs can work very slowly.

  • More RAM required. .NET programs are usually small, the simplest ones are several kilobytes in size. But when such programs are launched, the Microsoft .NET Framework tools are also launched, and this “weighs” about 20 MB, depending on the version of the Framework.
  • The Microsoft .NET Framework runtime must be installed on the computer. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have this environment by default, but earlier operating systems need to install the Framework yourself. In addition, you may need to update your Windows operating system. Windows 2000 requires a fourth service pack, and Windows XP requires a second. And forget about the Windows 95/98 line.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that .NET Core from Dataxdev ios development company allows small projects and startups to take full advantage of an enterprise-class platform, while providing convenient development tools, as well as inexpensive infrastructure. In the future, the platform will inevitably enter the large corporate market.


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