The Growth of Betting Apps in Numbers

Legalization of gambling activities in the USA was the beginning of a new era in the wagering scene. There was an influx in the number of gamblers that openly joined betting sites to bet for cash. As a result, more casinos sprung to accommodate the new players.

Land casinos as we know them, stopped being the giants of the gambling scene once online gaming was given a go ahead.  Web-based dens flooded the internet. From slots casinos to cards games and those that provided live games, there wasn’t a gambling site you couldn’t find.

Finally, something revolutionary happened. The need to offer mobile gaming arose. Game providers realized that there was an untapped clientele that preferred to wager using their phones. There was a time that mobile devices were a luxury, but as technology advanced, they became a necessity.

They replaced the need to carry a laptop around now that people could access virtually everything online on their phones. Casinos found a new way to connect with wager fanatics that prefer to gamble on the go using mobile casino apps.

But other underlying reasons made it easier for these applications to break the internet while competing for recognition among online gamblers. What were they? Let us find out!

Sports betting was a part of the deal

The online gambling is industry currently valued at $66 billion and projections show that it will hit a $90 billion mark by 2029. That is all thanks to an increased demand for online wagering services, which happened drastically, after the covid lockdowns were lifted. Thins, however, were a little different a few years back.

Before the reign of online gaming took over, players had to step into real sports betting spots to access these services. Information about these locations was not readily available on the internet. You had to have the yellow pages to find their location and contacts.

More so, the dens were not all located in one place. When sports betting apps penetrated the online gaming realm, they attracted a starved group of people that were hungry for easily accessible wagering services. Unlike the land-based casinos that availed a few sports in one location, most of the best sports betting apps offered an array of sports, leagues and tournaments.

In addition to the cumulative provision of these games, the sportsbooks also availed betting odds that made gambling much easier for gamers who enjoy professional sports. Consequently, the number of players that solicited for online gaming apps increased, giving providers room to expand their leverage to apps.

Unregulated Marketing

It wasn’t until 2018 that America allowed its citizens to take part in wagering activities within its air space. What this mean was that any company that wanted to offer betting services to Americans had to be land-based. As we know, a majority of the states of America had criminalized betting activities of all forms.

Anyone that wanted to wager had to visit a different jurisdiction within Europe. A loophole in the gambling laws came into the limelight, and Americans took advantage of it. Their government was after online staking dens in the USA that were offering gaming services to gamblers.

In retrospect, therefore, players that could access offshore accounts could not face any legal implications. American gamers started flooding web casinos in foreign countries to bet online. The rise in the number of gamers searching for online casinos pushed providers to offer even more apps to cater for the interested persons.


Before mobile gaming was a thing, players had to join a web casino to participate in staking activities. Everything was smooth until mobile phones came into the picture. Players were tempted to access casinos on their devices’ browsers. It was more convenient for most bettors, especially those that don’t work in offices.

And while this option was good, at times it would be difficult trying to sign in to a site, especially since most casinos had not optimized their casinos for on-the-go gadgets. As such, it was not uncommon to discover a player had been logged out without their consent or that their phones had hanged due to the incompatibility in software.

During that time, betting sites lost a significant number of players that wanted convenience and ease of access to their favourite wagering places. So, they started off with mobile web casinos and then tricked down to the app versions. These are more convenient and are instantly accessible. Their demand increased, and thankfully, casinos did not disappoint their clients.

Cheap services

Land casinos were a great source of entertainment thanks to their all-inclusive package. Not only could bettors play their best games, they could mingle with people and enjoy continental cuisine that was provided by the casino’s kitchen.

There was one downfall to these dens. They were expensive. Before a gambler could step into one of those, they had to make sure they had money for drinks, food, and of course wagering. And in case their betting session ended late, they had to consider getting money to pay for accommodation.

Applications got the attention from players since they reduced significantly the amount of cash gamblers had to spend in one session. It made sense to join an online casino and play several rounds than to visit a physical one and only make it through one round.

Games were available in one place

App casinos brought all games into one platform, allowing gamers to select their favourite sets and play instantly.

Before this, slots, live games and table games were available in different locations. Anyone interested in playing all three would have to travel to at least two locations.

The reduction in trips to different places to enjoy casino games made it easy for players to choose application casinos and say goodbye to all others. The fact that these dens provided custom made promo codes and bonuses to mobile players even made more gamblers opt for mobile casino games.

Final Take

The growth of betting apps in numbers was as a result of several contributors. It was difficult for bettors to ignore the benefits they enjoyed while gaming on the go. These casinos also came with convenient payment options that allowed gamers to wire cash fast and effortlessly from the comfort of their locations.

And when the USA government legalized gaming in several states, the deal was sealed. App gaming became the 21st century gambling option.

Projections show that the industry will experience a 40% boost within the next few years, but if punters play as much as they are during this period, expect more increment.

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