Text or Email Which Gets Better Results

A mass texting service says, effective communication is vital regardless of whether it’s business communication or personal. Communication builds and maintains relationships, helps foster innovation, assists with team management, helps the company to grow, and ensures transparency.

And today, there is a myriad of ways that we can communicate with one another, so it’s important to know which method is most effective and gets you the results you’re after.

While phone calls were the go-to way to communicate for decades, those have been supplanted by text messaging and emails, which are the two most used forms of communication today.

In this article, we look at both systems and help you decide which is the best one for your company’s needs.

The Rise & Fall of Email

Email rose to prominence during the 90s and became the dominant way to communicate for about 20 years. It was estimated that professionals spent around 6 hours each day dealing with emails and this is primarily because one can receive and send emails on computers, cell phones, tablets, and even some watches.

While email was king a few years ago, it’s fallen behind thanks to the rise of social media and texting. And while it’s not fair to say that email is dead — not by a long shot — but it does play second fiddle to other ways of communication today, and stats prove this to be true.

Email is now seen as a linear way of communicating with information flowing one way whereas social media and texting is seen more like an open forum and back and forth discussion, which is preferable to the younger generation of 18-29-year-olds.

So, email isn’t going away any time soon; it’s still superior for more formal communications, the fact is that it’s not the dominant kid on the block that it once was.


According to Pew Research who surveyed 21 countries around the world, they found that 75% of the people who use smartphones use texting as a way to communicate. They also found that texting is ubiquitous regardless of whether one lives in a poor or rich country, and regardless of one is highly or poorly educated. Texting has also captured the young demographic too, and the research found that “People under 30 and college graduates tend to use their cell phones for more purposes than those in older age groups and this without a college degree.”

 Which is Best?

As it stands today, texting is the preferred method of communication among the younger and up and coming demographic. If you want to be effective in business communication, you must incorporate texting into your communications repertoire. You can also set up automated text to be sent out the office in case of any updates regarding business or friendly reminders.  Consider that the open rate for email is around 24% while the open rate for text messaging is 99%. Also, email only has a 2.95% click-through rate, while the average click-through for SMS messages is 36%.

While smart businesses utilize several methods to communicate with employees and customers the clear winner right now is SMS messaging.

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