Hidden Fun Games | Worst Android Game Dev That Offer Some Stupid Games

There too many serious problems with this time waste piece of junk

1. We have to download Adobe AIR separately to play which is not mentioned any where in the game.
2. No website and also no reply to any of the support question asked by many players and there are some crap videos created by the team for boosting the downloads.
3. Seems like they are selling some data when we didn’t purchased the inapp ones!

4. Devs only idea is to make as much money as they can before the game is banned in the store by offering no value to the time of gamer.

We hope you have read all of the points carefully and will take action accordingly. From our side 101 NEW ROOM ESCAPE GAMES is not at all recommended. So notify your friends also about this stupid game that may cause serious problem by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter etc.

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