Skiff vs ProtonMail Which Is Secure And Better One For Emailing?

Mainstream email service providers have broken the user’s privacy. Many lawsuits have been filed in courts for peeking into the emails. ProtonMail and Skiff Mail have come forward with the solution for businesses and individuals. You can maintain the privacy of the email contents of everyone. And we have a clear winner in the comparison.

Why Skiff Maill or ProtonMail?

A mainstream email service provider faced lawsuits in court for breaching users’ privacy. The provider employees of the company had access to the received and sent users’ emails. The search engine company agreed to settle the class action lawsuit of $300 million. Businesses and individuals don’t want anyone to have access to the email and its content. ProtonMail and Skiff Mail have established the service for such users. We have a winner in the comparison and choose one for utmost security and privacy.

Skiff Maill vs ProtonMail: Data Protection Laws

Skiff Mail is an American company registered in San Francisco. Meanwhile, ProtonMail is a Switzerland-based company. In short, the Swiss have better data protection laws and won’t budge even if an international company or government wants to extract information. I would choose the Proton solution because the European data laws are far superior to American laws. The Swiss government protects the user’s data, and the company has to follow the rules. No one can beat ProtonMail in security, data protection, and foreign power influence. I recommend Proton for being a Swiss-registered and headquartered company. Businesses and individuals can maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the emails.

Skiff Maill vs ProtonMail: Security

Proton has a Zero Access Encryption model to comply with GDPR policy. Nobody can read your emails, including the privacy invaders if the service provider faces a data breach. All of your emails are end-to-end encrypted. You don’t have to refrain your team from using Outlook, Thunderbird, or others because all emails are PGP encrypted. There is no need to install additional tools or add-ons on the team’s computer.

Skiff Mail Security is an open-source project, and you can check the model on the GitHub repository. End-to-end encryption protects emails from privacy invaders. The subject and contents in the mail are encrypted for better protection. The anti-mail tracking blocks all trackers leading to your inbox. You can use unlimited aliases to preserve privacy from companies and businesses.

Skiff Maill vs ProtonMail: Server Response & Performance

ProtonMail hosted the service on Swiss-based i3D web hosting. In short, the company has to follow the Swiss guidelines and GDPR compliance. You won’t see any performance decline when sending or receiving emails from other services. The cloud servers won’t delay sending emails to clients or customers. You can compare the performance to mainstream email service providers.

We couldn’t find the Skiff Mail server provider. However, the American company has posted the services on a powerful server. You won’t face email delivery delays or server performance issues.

Skiff Maill vs ProtonMail: Application Support

Skiff Mail and ProtonMail have dedicated Android & iOS apps in the stores. I have installed both apps on my Android phone and accessed my inbox. The developers maintained a minimalistic design for smooth navigation. You don’t have to spend hours figuring out the features or navigating the user interface. You will learn the UI and start using the functions immediately.

The applications have the least bugs and won’t hinder your professional life. You can send or receive emails fast without delays. The applications don’t consume high hardware resources and won’t bother you with unnecessary notifications.

Skiff Maill vs ProtonMail: Free or Paid?

You should never use a free service because the service provider has to generate revenue to maintain the servers and team. ProtonMail and Skiff Mail offer a limited free account for the users. However, they have a premium plan for businesses and individuals. Many mainstream companies provide free email services to collect data and improve other products. The two companies generate income directly from the premium plans. You don’t have to worry about data selling and unethical data collection practices. PM Plus plan starts from 3.99 €/month and the SM plan starts from $3/month.


ProtonMail is the winner because they have registered the business in a European country. The company hosted the service in Swiss land. Foreign governments can’t control the European countries and GDPR laws. However, criminals and journalists should be careful when choosing Skiif and Proton. Governments can influence Swiss authorities and get information through emails. Let us know what do you think about Skiff and Proton in the comment section.

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