Best And Advanced Graphic Designing Software | Crello Review 2024

Everyone likes to explore the websites which are visually rich. To design a visually-rich website, you need to hire a personal graphic designer which would cost extra money. If you have a limited budget, and still want to design an advanced and visually-rich website, then you must use the web-based Graphic Designer tool, Crello.

It’s an advanced graphics designing software available with a set of innovative features for the users. Here, we have reviewed this software, go through the review for more information about the tool’s features and its functions.

About the Software

Crello is an advanced Graphic Designing Software which is available with its web-version for the users. You can go to the official website of this platform to start designing your own logos and other graphics easily.

The platform offers hundreds of ready to use templates to design different types of graphics on your own. Once you select the template, you will be able to customize it as per your requirements.

You can customize the templates with the background, borders, sizes, texts, icons, stickers and much more. Being a new-generation software, it is packed with a set of advanced tools for the perfect graphic designing solution.

Crello provides you with premium and free photographs and templates which you can use for free or can purchase them as per your requirements right from the platform. Most photographs and templates are suitable for Facebook and other social media network’s sizes and you can get the right sizes of the photographs from this platform without the need of extra customizations.

The Crello’s database lets you explore the premium templates and photographs for just $0.99. If you too want to design your own graphics for your website or for posting it on any social media networks, then here we have prepared a tutorial to design your very first graphic on this platform.

How does Crello Platform Work?

The first thing you need to do is visiting the official website of the Crello Platform first, click here to do so.

To get started with this platform, you need to register yourself on the platform. Click the Signup button from the upper right corner, enter your Email ID, Password and Confirm the Password again. You will be presented with a homepage of the Crello Platform.

On the homepage, you will see different types of posters which are readymade templates to get started with your graphic. Select the template from the available options, also enter the required width and height and click the Let’s go button.

The main Editor Window of the Crello platform will be presented in front of you. The left sidebar features essential tools which you can use while designing your graphic. Since you are using the free edition, click the Free Photos option from there. You can also sort the photographs by the desired Category. Once you find an appropriate photo from the options, click it out.

The selected photo will be there on the main Editor Window. This is the Editor Window which lets you edit and customize your graphics by using the tools. Upon selecting the photo, you will also be asked to add a suitable effect on the photo. You will see the results in the Editor Window in real-time.

Select the Advanced option to adjust the Intensity, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and many other elements of the photo. This is a useful section for professional graphic designers.

Apart from this, you can also add a suitable Background image behind the Photograph you have selected. Select the Background option from the left side of the Window, a list of available background images will be there on your screen. Select an appropriate background image, add a suitable effect. The background image will be there on the Editor Window as per your command.

Additionally, you can also make use of Texts, Color effects and a lot of other tools to design a complete professional artwork or graphics. If you already know about the editing tools, you will not find it difficult to make use of the available tools. However, beginners need to practice a lot to master with this tool as it requires some practice to design the perfect photographs, artworks or graphics for you and for your clients.

Once you are done with the editing and customization of the selected photograph or Template, click the Download button from the upper right corner. This option lets you Download your Work on a PC. Upon selecting this option, you will be asked to select the File Format first. Select the suitable File Format and get your Artwork downloaded from the platform to your PC system.

Interestingly, you can also share your Artwork with your real friends on Facebook or via creating a sharable link. Many options are given there in the Share section which you can use as per your needs.

Your previous work will be saved in your profile and you can explore them whenever you want. Just go to your personal Crello Profile and select My Projects option. All the previously done artworks and graphics by you will be right there.

What’s new?

Crello has been updating with new features and templates as the team of professional developers are actively working to offer more templates and photographs to the users.

The company is adding a bunch of new features to this platform starting from the coming April 2nd. There will be a brand-new subscription plan also available for the interested people who will get a set of advanced designing tools for creating modern and professional designs.

For a limited time, they are also offering a 50% discount on the existing Plans. You will get 50% off on the monthly or yearly subscription plan. This offer is live for a limited period. If you are impressed with the tool and its features, you should not miss this opportunity. Hurry up and avail the 50% discount now!


If you are searching for a basic Graphic Designing Tool for your PC system to design graphics for Social Media Networks or for your personal website, then Crello is the perfect option for you. It’s much more affordable and advanced tool designed for everyone.

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