PayPal And Others Support Indian Bank Debit Cards | Solved

Are you a webmaster, blogger, designer who likes to make a purchase from international websites say hostgator for hosting or Google PlayStore for purchasing some productive apps or games or Themeforest packages for some WordPress goodies but sadly you can’t make purchase with your current international debit card from Visa or Mastercard.

So why?

The major reason for this we think is the verified by Visa or Mastercard which sets up a 3D secure password that you may have come across during your first digital purchase on websites like Flipkart, freecharge etc.

But some of private players out there don’t require any such things and allows you to do the international transactions, but requires Rs 5000 or Rs 10,000 as the minimum account balance or for starting an account.

Here is list of accepted Public and Private banks for PayPal and others

PayPal, Stripe India

*We are using it
UN – UnknowN
Every card is chip based ones

Update : All bank cards seems to be working now and you can successfully add any cards to PayPal. But when it comes to payment or service payment most of them won’t work. We don’t know why is it like that!

Update : Dena Bank Visa based cards also seem to work with PayPal, other sites we are not having any clue!

SBI also start to support PayPal ans here is the link to the Official statement

Vikram Narayan, Managing Director and Country Manager (India), PayPal said, “It is an honor for PayPal to partner with the State Bank of India (SBI) which is India’s largest bank. We foresee exciting times ahead as the economy is poised to pick up and support Indian citizens and, businesses to evolve through global transactions. We understand the Government’s focus on the MSME and believe PayPal has a strong role to play in the ‘Make in India’ initiative.Collaborating with us gives SBI’s customers global access to businesses and consumers alike.”

But they didn’t said which type of debit card either VISA or MasterCard will be working globally

Do you think you need to have an account with those for just purchasing $1 android app?

  • We hear it’s a big no.

So what’s the solution out there?

Simple and easiest one is just borrow the card from the one in your family or from friends who already have an account with those private sector banks.

Here is how you can move your WordPress website to SSL/HTTPS tutorial without breaking

Alternate way

We took a EMV Master card (chip based) world debit card from Indian Bank and it seems to be working fine with Google PlayStore wallet.

So what’s the procedure in taking such a card?

Simple just go to any Indian bank branch and start an ordinary SB ( savings bank) that requires only Rs 100, but put some more money in your account and when they ask whether you need ATM /debit card just tell them that you need a Master card world, stress this name or they will issue some other ones say maestro or visa that don’t work with international websites.

World ATM Card

Here is a sample picture

If they ask why you need such one?

  • Tell them that you are going abroad or for use in international websites.

Approximately after 23 days depending on your region you will get the card.

Now go to any ATM and activate your card. Since this one is internationally activated so no need of further activation by sending SMS or calling to customer support service for international use.

Does this EMV one support PayPal?

Yes, PayPal accepts this card and you can add it your account by navigating Profile >> Link/Edit Credit Card

As soon as your card is added PayPal will prompt you to verify the card by charging around $2 (Rs 122). A four digit secret code will be sent but we didn’t received any such thing instead we received some six digit ATM sequence number. Even we are confused whether we should verify it or not, just look at the URL here officially supported ones  No info whether we should verify our credit/debit card in that page.

Update : How to verify the card Indian Bank Card ( EMV chip based one) ?

Just add your card as usual, instead of 120inr withdrawl 2 INR will be deducted from your account and an OTP page will be shown. Enter the OTP code you received from your mobile and your Indian Bank EMV card will be verified.

OTP number

Does this mean that you can’t use it?

even our card is not verified its verified now. But there was no problem in purchasing digital products with a non verified card in PayPal that belonged to us.

Are there are any transaction or service charge?

Stroked words no more apply to this card and the pic also.

Yes there is, we are always charged with a service tax of $0.5 its hiked to $1.5 for every purchase with this banks card. Here is the screenshot of the rates from their website for international cash withdrawal from ATM.

Charges for transaction

Charges for public sector ones

Note : other than one above we were charged some $ more but that exact was credited back to our account after few minutes, so maintain some bucks while purchasing else purchase will be failed.

UPDATE : Now they are charging 53INR – 61INR, don’t know on how they calculate these charges as two times we were charged with two different rates as shown in the pics below

indian bank paypal fees indian bank paypal fees

Does this Indian bank support Skrill, Stripe etc?

  • Yeah everything is supported, for payments using stripe you are not even charged the service tax of $0.5.

Will it work in iTunes/Apple related products ?

Yes, confirmed by one of the user “I’m so happy just got my Indian bank EMV chip world master Debit card and further when I tested it in App Store to purchase paid app , transaction was successful and it was working fine with iTunes!!” . Please visit this link for proof:

Can we use it on services that only accepts credit cards ?

  • Recently we tried to pay for WES (World Education Services) and it worked even though they accept only credit cards and this one is a debit card. WES is required if you are thinking of migrating to any English speaking country from a non English speaking country.

Will my card be automatically charged?

  • Yes, unless you unsubscribe from the service that you are using.

Can I get a refund/disputed money from a PayPal invoice which was debited from my EMV card back to my EMV card ?

  • Yes, I have received a refund to my EMV Master Card or bank account and it took around 5 working days to complete the process. And in a case PayPal sent the money but it was not credited in my bank account even after 30 days so I called the PayPal toll free number and they gave me a long sequence number. I handed over that number over to Indian Bank people and after 8 days, money got credited to my account.

Is it possible to get refund when you cancel a service that has been purchased with Stripe/any from any other type ?

  • No, the company with you have canceled the service issue refund but it won’t be credited back to your EMV card.

Can I transfer funds to other PayPal account?

  • Yes if user is not from India.

Can I add funds?

  • No, it’s not currently supported.

What are the maintenance charge per year for this one (EMV Card) ?

  • Its was around 176 INR from 2017 to 2018 and its auto withdrawn from your account.

Private banks

For every type of card issued by these banks require some activation procedures


This one have more success with international payments from India.

  • Card type : Visa / Mastercard


Send a SMS in the form INTL <space> last four digit of your debit card number to 5676766 to enable international transactions. Wait for 24 hours. If you didn’t receive any confirmation after few days manually call to the customer service 022-33-66-77-77 and ask them to do it for you.

Update : ICICI now replaces its debit cards with chiped ones to its customers for free and here is one that we received.

ICICI replacements

ICICI replacements

Other resources that you can count on




Happy online shopping!

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  1. 1

    Great info. My bank card doesn’t allow me to send funds via PayPal. I’m really frustrated. Thank you so much for the tips to get Mastercard world. I’ll have a try. Keep writing informative content. 🙂

  2. 5
    • 6
    • 7

      You must be 18 years old to hold an debit card from any bank. You can open savings account by saying to bank officials for educational purposes. Later you can apply for card based on your needs.

  3. 8

    As I cannot apply for Axis/ icici banks.
    If sure Indian bank works means I’ll open an account and I’ll use for PayPal and Gwallet.
    Let me know.
    Thanks for the post.

    • 9
      • 10

        I have seen Indian bank SB Silver and SB Gold savings account in their website.
        I must have these types of account or I can go for normal savings account. So that they issue EMV MASTER DEBIT CARD..?

        • 11

          You can get EMV card for normal SB account, its how that I got the card. Show them the image of the card in this post so they understand better!.

          • 12

            So normal savings account and this EMV MASTER DEBIT CARD enough to operate on Gwallet and PayPal..
            That’s nice to hear.

          • 13

            Thanks for writing this post , Is it sure that Indian bank EMV (chip based ) World Master Card (debit) works with Paypal? Please reply , since I want to link a card to to Paypal.

          • 14
  4. 15

    I use SBI GLOBAL Master Card with paypal but no luck.. Now i have 1 AC in SBI and 3 ATM card for that no one works with paypal.. Thax for the update now i will go for INDIAN BANK
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. 16

    indian bank EMV World Master card is not working in paypal because atm and netbanking statement does not show verification code of paypal.

  6. 18

    Indian Bank EMV Master Card Debit is fine working in Google Play Store.
    We can Purchase the digital goods directly through mobile, in which you can add the card in “My Account” section there you find “Payment Methods”

    Check pics. You will Understand.
    Indian Bank EMV Master Card :

    Card accepted by Google Playstore :

    Payment of digital product :


    You can get refund within 2 hours of the purchase if you don’t like the app/game directly from Playstore.

    Finally after 2 hours you can still contact the developer for an refund.
    According to their TERMS & CONDITIONS you may get full/partial amount.

    I asked the bank officials for the charges for the card.
    First year : FREE
    Then onwards INR 150 + Charges.
    Each Transaction : INR 30
    Cash Withdrawal : INR 10
    Non-Financial : INR 10
    I don’t know whether I can charge INR 30 extra for the purchase made, But later on I’ll check up with bank statement and update you soon.

    • 19

      Good to hear that it helped you. If you made the purchase in INR, you won’t be charged 30INR. If its USD you will be.

  7. 20

    While I added card in Google Playstore I charged INR 50, but not refunded. May be verified

    or being charged.
    Still did not TESTED the transaction with PAYPAL, but as soon I added the card, I charged

    INR 66 & INR 66 (conversion of USD into INR on the date which I added) for the

    verification, but later I got refund.
    No verification code was received to my phone number.

    • 21

      Yes PlayStore will charge 150INR, it seems its only for a time. For PayPal you will be charged like that, no problem if you didn’t the code. You can purchase with PayPal by using the card you just added.

    • 22

      hi bro did your indian bank debit card worked on paypal plz tel me i want because i m starting freelancing jobs on freelancer so plz tel me

      • 23
        • 24

          Hi Yaseen.
          The INDIAN BANK
          EMV MASTER DEBIT CARD is fine working with PayPal.
          I have recently contributed to them.
          I mean I have donated small amount by using PayPal.
          One thing is when you choose location INDIA means you can pay in INR, which payment method was STRIPE.
          I have selected US as region, then only I got paypal as option. Then you can login in your PayPal account and you can transfer. It is easy only.
          Note: the charges for the card in the first year was free from date of issue..
          Later you will be charged INR 30 for each transaction you made.

  8. 25
  9. 28

    hello…, i have read all the comments and i have a query to ask you. With Indian bank EMV master debit card, after creating an account with paypal, we can only do purchases online? If he is blogger or working with some marketing ads company online they will transfer the money to their paypal account. Will the paypal & Indian bank accept the money from ads company?

    • 29

      Yes it seems to work from our experience and if you want the PayPal balance to withdrawn to your Indian Bank account then you should verify your bank account by entering small amounts that PayPal have sent to you, normally it will be less than 2INR. There are many tutorials available just Google it.

      But take care, Facebook ads purchasing don’t seem to work. You may loose 30INR if you try to purchase this type of ad (this may be reason Facebook only accepts Credit Card).

      • 30

        hello, before the description of the private bank, and below the screen shot of ATM USAGE CHARGES there is question like
        CAN I ADD FUNDS?
        what funds i cant add in paypal? adding funds in paypal means what?
        is that the payment recieved from ads companies i cant add?
        what does it really mean?

        • 31

          I mean you can’t transfer funds from your bank account to your PayPal and keep some money say 6000INR in a PayPal account. But you can transfer money from your bank account to another PayPal account not created from India, like you can’t transfer money to our PayPal account because it was created from India, but we can send/receive payments to other countries.

          Hope I answered your question.

          • 32

            cant transfer funds from my bank account to paypal account, applies to all banks i.e (private banks) that supports paypal or it is for only indian bank (emv master card)

  10. 33

    Hy admin and SRINU bro
    Indian bank emv master debit card (platinum) its working or not
    How to apply indian bank same debit

    your meru chupinchina photo lante. Debit kadhu
    Netteller account ki accept chesthundha

  11. 35
  12. 36

    Dharma Raju Sir.
    As the card works in PayPal, it should definitely work in other payment section. As I asked the bank officials, the card was already activated internationally. But you must activate the card in ATM.
    Otherwise just make a small payment or purchase a product in which merchandise accept the STRIPE or NETELLER.
    But most of the merchandise will refer and default payment method was PayPal only as the other payment methods charged for both seller and buyer..
    PayPal will only charge for seller for converting fee upon selling the item.
    Buyer won’t affect.
    I advise you to make a contact with STRIPE support or NETELLER support for you query..
    Anything else let me know.

  13. 37

    Please check the fee
    Note the NETELLER does not have an option to choose for INDIA and INDIAN RUPEE.
    Skrill has an option to choose INDIA and INDIAN RUPEE.
    Note that Skrill will be charging around 215/- for each withdrawal.
    Sending also max 700/-
    only receive is free..
    Exchange rate was 72/-

    I don’t know whether why you are opting for NETELLER and SKRILL although the charges high..
    PayPal is simple and easy hassle free option.

  14. 38

    Hi Ram kumar,
    You cannot any money to your PayPal account. If you want to store money in PayPal account like a balance, it was impossible to do. Because of RBI rules and regulations the amount will be automatically with drawn to linked bank account within the time line’s.
    You are wanting to store money as like e-money or something else. You can’t able to do so.. Because you are not allowed to do so..
    That’s why you cant able to add funds in PayPal. All the amount whether you receive from any other country to your PayPal account will be automatically credited to bank account with the time line’s. You can’t able to hold the money as you wish.. This is rule made by RBI.
    Hope you understand.
    If not let me know..

    • 39

      hello Srinu,
      Let me tell you another update which i asked some the members regarding paypal. There is an online work called mypayingads, the job is to buy the shares using Paypal, Payza, Perfect money, leave payza and perfectmoney as we were talking about Paypal and this is more secure. Just we have to keep some amount in paypal and enter the amount to buy the shares. Many Indians are working there & and many are using Paypal to buy shares and they withdraw money sent by the admin. Ofcourse as you said we can receive payments and it automatically transfers to the bank account. So what do you say about this? Please do check and confirm this issue. Reply ASAP

  15. 40

    If you want to buy some shares.. First of all calculate the amount for the share, then add money in your bank. Then only you can purchase the share through PayPal only.. There is no option in PayPal to store money..

  16. 41
  17. 43

    i want to buy some goods (10$) through paypal but i didn’t have any USD/INR on my paypal a/c .i have only INR on my bank a/c(indian bank -i linked my bank details in paypal a/c). how can i buy goods through paypal ?

  18. 45
  19. 46

    hai i’m alex ,
    i couldn’t connect my indian bank a/c to paypal it say “Sorry, we’re unable to link that bank because it is disabled. Please try another bank.” even if i correctly fill all information , please tell me how can i add my bank a/c plz……..

    • 47

      Hi Alex

      You tried to indian bank a/c to PayPal ? This guide is for connecting their debit card.

      We haven’t tried connecting that, but the card will connect.

  20. 48
  21. 51

    I have taken the same EMV World MasterCard from Indian Bank. Can you tell me what is the procedure to activate the card? it says in the above post that it has be done in an ATM..can it be done at any bank ATM or just indian bank ATM?
    Also can I use the world debit card for sites that require credit card? Most US sites will say they accept credits cards, will this be accepted in such sites?

    • 52

      Hi Parikshit

      You can activate from any bank ATM.

      Credit card is different from Debit card, so it wont work. But if there is PayPal, Stripe etc it will work.

      • 53

        Thanks for the reply. But actually it does work in place of a credit card. I have used the card at a number of sites (NOT indian websites) but US sites like bestbuy or and it works as a credit card as well.

        • 54
          • 55

            Hey, had a question for you. When you use the debit card for online transactions its asks you for a OTP every time through secure code right? is there any way to add the email for the OTP to be sent. My branch says that is not possible but why would the option be given in the page if its not available

          • 56
  22. 57

    my Indian bank debit card not show any verification code on statement from Paypal to activate the card. how can verify this Indian bank emv master card .?

  23. 59

    What if i didnt ask for the “world master card” and they issued me some other type of card. Can i apply for the “emv card” with the same account or do i have to create a new account?

  24. 61

    Hello techwibe,
    I like the fact that you are engaging and replying in the comments section, here. Thanks a bunch, for the informative article and your feedback in this comments section. After slurping the information provided here, I went over to the nearest Indian Bank branch in my area and opened a SB account and applied for the EMV World Mastercard which I should be receiving in 15 days time. But then, to confirm, I contacted PayPal support today and to my dismay, I was told that none of the Indian Bank’s debit cards are acceptable as a funding source on PayPal (but their credit card is accepted). Is this a new development now, after you published this article or does this debit card still work on PayPal? Since you have alluded to the fact that you are personally using this debit card on PayPal, I am wondering whether it is usable as of today. Any latest info regarding this would be most helpful.

  25. 66

    This is an update to my previous post on 27th May, 2016. I had opened a new savings bank account with Indian Bank on the 27th May with a initial account opening deposit of INR 500/-. I told them (verbally) that I would prefer to opt for the EMV World MasterCard debit card and not the stock Visa/RuPay/Maestro debit card they normally provide. They made the necessary changes and told me to check back with them after two weeks. I had to go to the bank on the 4th of June for some net banking issues and to my surprise, was told that my debit card had already arrived. Today I activated my debit card and I was able to add the new debit card to my PayPal account. Almost instantaneously, I received an SMS that INR 67/- has been debited from my savings account. Within the next five minutes, I made a payment of 60 USD through my PayPal account. Worked like a charm. I find the Indian Bank’s EMV World MasterCard debit card the best and the most affordable option for all those who don’t have a credit card, yet, or those of you who are hesitant to block 5000 to 10,000 rupees as the stipulated minimum balance requirement with the private sector savings bank accounts. I could never thank techwibe, enough, for the useful information shared here. Keep up the good work, mate.

  26. 68

    I tried to attach my payoneer card to my PayPal but it looks like PayPal disabled it. Do you recommend getting a verified PayPal from Auction Essistance?

  27. 70

    I got my Indian Bank EMV Master Card today. I tried to add on paypal but it said its unsupported. Do I need to use it in an ATM machine first or register on their website(i couldn’t find registration section)? Please help. Because after getting it from the bank i direvtly tried to enter in paypal and it got rejected .

    • 71

      Hi Raj, first you need to activate the card by using it in an ATM machine and withdraw around 100INR and then try to add your card to PayPal it will work.

  28. 72
  29. 74
  30. 76
  31. 78

    Hi thanks a lot for the info. One more question. I just received my Indian bank master card half an hour ago. When will i be able to withdraw money from atm or add it playstore or paypal. I got my netbanking aswell. When can start using that? I mean does it need 24 hours for the activate? I will be very thankful for any info you can provide.

    • 79

      Hi Puttraj

      Just after you receive your card and take the money out, your card is activated. For more info and doubts please ask your branch manager.

  32. 80

    Hi, I got my Indian Bank EMV master card 2 days ago. I linked this card with paypal without any problem, they didnot even send money to my card to verify, but they verified using PAN CARD(Its a must for PayPal). Then I made a transaction, it worked perfectly fine. Out of curiosity, I tried to add it on my google play account. it got instantly added. So Indian Bank EMV MasterCrad works perfectly and is also the best because you need just 500rs/- to open an acc in Indan Bank. But you will have problem in asking the manager to issue you MasterCard( In my case, the ASS.Manager(:p) didn’t even know that they issue a masterCard, He was stunned on seeing the masterCard image i showed him). there will be lot questions, but you have to be stubborn.
    TIP: tell them that you are working as a freelancer and you have to make international transactions regularly to pay your clients. you are opening account in the bank mainly for the purpose of international transactions since sbi cards are not accepted.

    It takes about 20 for the card to arrive at your branch. and 24 or 72 hours to get activated

  33. 82
  34. 84

    Hello Experts,

    I’m currently in USA & I’ve Indian Bank World Master card which I want to use to withdraw money in US via ATM.

    1. If I use this card to withdraw $750 cash at ATM in US, how much fees in dollars that ATM will charge to this card?
    2. Apart from above fees, will there be any other additional fees charged as well like currency conversion or service fee, etc?

    I want to find an ATM which charges minimal fees. Can someone share their experience?


  35. 89
    • 90

      Hi Rohit

      Thanks for the info, they say Indian Bank, Debit Card is not supported as per the info on the page but I am purchasing everything with that card only.

      Also a number of cards are available with every bank and we hope PayPal will tell precisely what is the name of card that is supported by them.

      • 91

        hey @techwibe thank for reply . I opted for Indian bank EVM Master Card and made a successful purchase through you answered in FAQ
        Is it possible to get the refund when you cancel a service that has been purchased with Stripe/any from any other type ?
        No, the company with you have canceled the service issue refund but it won’t be credited back to your EMV card.
        so suppose I made a purchase through Indian bank debit card .and for some reason I asked for a refund .I had added both of my debit card and account successfully with Paypal am I going to get refund credited to my account ?

        • 92

          With PayPal you will get the refund if you raise a dispute with the seller but with Stripe mode of payments you won’t get the refund even though seller issues a refund.

  36. 93
  37. 94

    I have already opened my sb account in indian bank with mastercard world Emv as it works fine with playstore but after linking to my paypal account I haven’t got any PP code after this i called paypal care & they told me to remove and again link my card but 2 days already passed. No solution what should i do now to confirm. Plz help me guys.??..immediately Thanks

    • 95

      Hi Sonu, there is no need to verify with PayPal, just try to purchase any digital goods, it will go through. The purchase made will be shown as POS. If you have ICICI Bank in your area then try that as its officially supported there.

  38. 96
  39. 98

    I visited the branch today and the bank official told me that EMV world MasterCard will only be issued to you if you do Transaction of INR 50,000 . Have you faced the same situation ,Sir ?

  40. 100
  41. 102

    Thanks a lot. I got my indian bank emv card and works perfect on all sites. The bank manager didnt know that they issued a card like this. I gave them a written request with reason as going abroad. They sent my card in 15 days. Since there is not verified by visa password, i would not recommend depositing a large amount in your account. Indian bank online site is very outdated and it works well only on internet explorer. Good luck.

  42. 104
  43. 106

    Hello Receive, 8s Indian Bank EMV World Master card still working with Neteller and Skrill. Please confirm me as you have the card, by making small deposit. If it works then I will immediately open the account with then to get the card. Please reply. Thanks for the help.

    • 107
  44. 108

    Hello Techwibe, is Indian Bank EMV World Master card still working with Neteller and Skrill? Please confirm me as you have the card, by making small deposits. If it works then I will immediately open the account with them to get the card. Please reply. Thanks for the help.

  45. 110
    • 111

      Hi Gaurav

      We have not yet tested that one! But if you can buy a $1 app from the store we will send you money for that!

      • 112

        Alright thanx for the reply !! My Indian bank EMV world master card will be issued to me within 10 days according to bank officials!! After that I will be testing it on my App Store !!

      • 113

        I’m so happy just got my Indian bank EMV chip world master Debit card and further when I tested it in App Store to purchase paid app , transaction was successful and it was working fine with iTunes!!

  46. 115
  47. 118

    I have tried to link my IOB debit card on paypal. They have charged Rs.136 from my account. They are saying that they provide you a 4 digit code which looks like PP*1234(Code) but however when I checked my statement, there was no such word PP or pay pal. So now I am confused..Can anyone help me in this matter?

  48. 119

    Hi bro…i want indian bank debit card to that work in international wallets like skrill,netller,paypal etc….so which debit card should i apply…and what to say in bank when they ask me…hope you understand my point

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