MLM Soft Review: The Best Multi-Level Marketing Software

Technology has changed the word “marketing.” We all know how marketers are utilizing different web-based platforms to market things. Instead of doing physical marketing, most brands choose marketing on the web.

If you own an MLM company or have been engaged with the MLM company and looking for a solution to streamline your business, then MLM Soft is the best platform for you. The detailed MLM Soft Review will give you all the information about this software and its working functionality.

MLM Soft Overview:

MLM Soft is software designed for MLM companies i.e. multi-level marketing companies. It is the world’s first MLM soft based on cloud computing. Yes, it’s a cloud-based software that gives you full flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere on any system from remote locations.

The software is designed concerning the demands of its users. It gives you a variety of options to play around with and get your business on the right track. The best thing about this software is existing owners of MLM companies can use it as well as the ones who want to start a new company can also utilize this software.

If you are curious to know more about the software, then here’s a list of its features. The following list explains to you the benefits of utilizing the different features of the software to run a successful MLM company. Let’s get on to the list of its features now!

Key Features:

  1. Cloud-based Platform

MLM Soft is a fully cloud-based software. This gives you full freedom of using the software and its features, services, and everything right from the Internet. You don’t need to have a special setup of additional computers to manage the software. Just visit their official website and log in using the given credentials to start managing your company and its profile.

Being a cloud-based platform, one can use the software from anywhere. Moreover, you need not spend your money on buying compatible hardware for this particular software. You can save a lot of money by using this software as it doesn’t require additional systems or hardware.

2. Built-in Commission Calculator

Multi-level marketing is gaining popularity just because of its commission-based system. What makes this MLM Soft so much popular is it comes with a built-in commission calculator. The built-in planning engine utilizes the latest algorithms to calculate the commissions of the users.

You can keep an eye on the commission-related information by visiting your profile. Full control will be given to you to view the databases of the users including their earned commissions.

3. Free Data Center

Unlike other software, MLM Soft is based on the cloud. The software allows you to add new users and their data. It stores all the information along with the data of hundreds of users over the cloud. You need not invest in a dedicated data center for the same.

4. Secure and Reliable Platform

The software is designed by keeping the safety and security of the user’s sensitive data in mind. It keeps the data of the users secured so that no one can fetch them or steal them. Being flexible software, it is good at keeping your data secured with top-notch security features.

5. Uses SSL Encryption

The software backs up the data entered by you in real-time. Since the software uses SSL encryption, it doesn’t require a special security solution. In case you lost your stored data, you can restore them by utilizing the backed-up data.

6. Highly Customizable

The platform gives you full flexibility in customizing the data and the available services for you. You will be given full control to use the software and its features the way you want. You can view the backed-up or stored data, can delete the data or entry, can change the name and information of the users, and much more.

7. Built-in Payment Integration

Since you are running this company over the web, there is a secured payment gateway provided by the company. One can easily buy products or services from your company by making online payments through built-in payment integration. The architecture can use third-party payment options also.

8. Real-time Analytics

The software generates regular reports of the users including their commissions. You can keep an eye on the behavior of your company’s profile by checking out the daily reports generated by this software. The analytics reports help you manage the company well.


The MLM Soft has several subscription plans which you can choose as per your company’s profile. The basic plan starts at $499 and the premium plan at $1999. Here’s the list of the available subscription plans:

  1. Community

The community plan starts at $499 per month. This plan has over 1000 income centers as low as $0.5 per account.

2. Network

The Network plan starts at $999 per month. This plan has over 3,000 income centers as low as $0.3 per account.

3. Enterprise

The Enterprise plan starts at $1,999 per month. This plan has over 10,000 income centers as low as $0.2 per account.

Final Words:

Multi-level marketing is the future of marketing. With new technology equipment and online tools, MLM has become an easy platform for marketers. It requires a lot of resources to manage things and MLM Soft gives all the resources at one single place.

It’s the top-rated and highly recommended software for all types of MLM marketers. Try out the demo of the software and choose a suitable plan as per the size of your company and its user-based.

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