OWNZONES (Romania) Review: A Pure Delight for Romanian People

Are you are citizen of Romania? Have you missed out your favorite TV show? Forget opting for the latest edition of your favorite magazine? Are you missing the Romanian movie while sitting abroad? If yes is the answer to all these questions, then we have the best one-stop solution for you. OWNZONES is a stunning application that brings you closer to Romania. Let us go through a brief insight about this stunning app.

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About OWNZONES Romania

The app is owned by OWNZONES Media Network which is the leading hybrid technology & entertainment company and is the worldwide provider media solutions and technology to television, motion picture, and digital creation industries. It offers the media streaming platform its users. OWNZONES Romania is a dedicated app that provides you access to 100% Romanian content which is specially selected for you.


Why OWNZONES Romania is the Ideal Solution for all Romanians?

OWNZONES Media Network recognizes that around 4 million Romanians live outside the country and has brought up the solely dedicated app for them to access Romanian content. In this way, they could listen to their favorite radio show, watch videos and their favorite Romanian movies, flick through the magazines, and do a lot more anywhere, anytime.

OWNZONES Romania- Top Notch Features

OWNZONES Romania is a stunning app created to entertain the Romanian citizens spread across the world. Some of the extraordinary features of this app are as follows:

  • Catch Up with Local Events: The users can live stream 22+ local TV channels and catch up the local events, sports, and news by paying just mere subscription fees.

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  • Movies: It also offers over 130 best Romanian movies that were ever made from the era of 1953 to 1994. Some of the most popular movies in the list are – ‘Veronica’, ‘Lancu Jianu’, ‘Haiducul’, and many more.
  • Browse through a Massive Collection of Content: You can easily browse through the massive collection of records, videos, TV shows, and other Romanian content.

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  • Radio Channels: It lets the users listen to 11 most popular radio channels in the country. If you like the song that is being played on the radio channel, you can even share the channel with your friends through phone apps.

radio channels

  • Magazines: You will surely not want to miss out the magazine issues released in your country. It has a collection of several popular magazines published across the country. You can simply select any of them and read it by scrolling down the pages of the magazine on your smartphone. The magazines can also be shared with your friends online.

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  • Search: The ‘Search’ option in the app comes to be handy for the users. A user can easily find books, magazines, TV channels, movies, radio channels, and other content on the app by performing search.

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  • Profile: You can navigate through the profile option to Sign in/out from the app. Not only this, you can even read about the privacy policy and learn more about the app. Also, you can even scroll through your favorites and check out the browsed history on the app, using profile option.

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Subscription and Plans

Though, it costs nothing to listen to the radio channels and read magazines on the app, but you need to pay a certain subscription fee to subscribe for your favorite TV channels, watch movies and videos, and access other content. The subscription fee for your selection ranges from $14.99/month. The price varies according your choice.

The Upside

  • This app is a pure delight for the Romanian citizens around the world.
  • Listen radio and read magazines for free
  • Get free live event updates in the app.
  • Easy navigation and user friendly experience.
  • Subscribe to your favorite movie channel.

The Downside

  • Too few movies. The addition may take place in future.
The Bottom Line

Overall, OWNZONES Romania is one of the best applications ever tailored for the Romanian citizens. The app has 100% Romanian content including the local TV channels, radio channels, magazines, events, news, videos, and other rich content. While some content is offered for free, the user needs to pay for some. If you are a Romanian citizen, then it is must download app for you.


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