Marlin A Simple Financial Loan Calculator App For Android

marlinWe know there are a number of people who dream to have their own business (it doesn’t matter, how big that is). The flow of money for you to run the business is always a great deal for them. Small business faces the financial problem as the flow of money is not consistent. Financial operations, is also one of the major task included with the business. Here are the complete details about Marlin financial calculator and some of the features which will lock you to the screen for the next 15 minutes.

What is Marlin financial loan calculator?

Loans and interests- These are a couple of words which are mostly used by the business persons. This loan calculator is completely designed to provide exact solutions for the calculating the true interest rates of the loan. And recently it cames back with an Android application to provide more comfort for the loan calculators. As it can instantly do the calculation and allows you to pay for the lender. Finally, it’s like a financial adviser in your pocket.

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• First of all, the services offered by the application are completely free. This drags the attention of the small business holders. Just think off, who love the free things and that too in business.

• The app is directly linked to the official website i.e. to get support and access to the professional financial support. In this way, you can directly have a chit chat with the official support agents.

user interface

Simple UI

• Loans are of many types and the interest paid for them is as per the business category. Any loan for the different business can be done with this calculator. You need just to enter the amount you were taken and fill the interest rate and hit on the submit button. The results will be exactly displayed as per the entered details.

calculator in action• The app landing page is just of a single page which is included with four fields which were damn simple.

• It’s the final one but the unique one. If you are completely failed to pay your loan back in time, you may be punished with some more interest. Right? But it’s completely different here. Repayment options are available here through which the time may be extended as per the customer experience with them. Plans are designed as per the customer needs.

• Online services, car title loans, RV quality loans, Boat quality loans are some the popular service products which are offered here.


We all may be feared of online borrows etc. etc.Marlin is the only one who completes your work on emails and text messages with in no time. Customer support is much active when compared to other and it follows the latest technologies as well. Time taken for the transactions is damn low and they can’t make us wait. It was highly recommended, and you can check their testimonials section for the customer reviews.

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