MDPlayer Review| Best Free Music App for Android By MobiDev

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All music lovers, this post is for you. In this post, we’ll be reviewing MDPlayer, a smart music playing app for smartphones. MDPlayer is different from other music apps and has some exciting features which are sometimes sorely missed in similar apps: Drive Mode, Android Auto support, Android Smartwatch support, and a couple of others. If you are looking for a new music player app for your smartphone, this might be the one for you.

Who’s the developer behind MDPlayer ?

This app was developed by MobiDev, a company that specializes in development of complex software systems for enterprises and software products for startups of various subject matters.

It’s curious that a company that handles large projects creates smaller apps for iOS and Android and puts them on the market free of charge and free of ads. This one is an Android app; let’s take a closer look at its features.

Features of MD Player

1. Visually attractive interface: MDPlayer has an attractive interface which allows users to access various options from the main screen. Here is a snap of it, have a look. As you can see, you can play audio accordingly to different categories like Most Played, Genres, Favourites, and so on—all the standard must-have features for music lovers. When you add your music to the app library, this clean and lovely screen will be filled with colorful album covers.


2. Playlists: You can easily create custom playlists and edit them anytime. Add and remove songs, change the names of your playlists—the usual but essential stuff.

3. Enjoy music while driving: MDPlayer comes with features like Android Auto support and Drive Mode. The latter is especially interesting, since it allows to use adapted buttons and gestures to control the player while driving. Oh yes, we’ve managed to test that feature while properly driving home on a hard day’s night—and we liked it!


4. Select music: You can select music on your device. In order words, choose the source of music files. It could be all audio files available on the device, or files from a particular folder. Have a look at the snap below.

device selection

5. Equalizer: There are different equalizer settings, such as classical, flat, folk, hip hop, jazz, etc. Again, it’s just an essential feature, but it’s simple and nicely made.


6. Widget: A colorful pleasant bonus for convenient navigation.

7. Other options: There is a handful of other options which might be missing in your current player. Check them out and see whether you have missed something you’d really love to have.

other options

A very brief overview, isn’t it? Just like the player itself, it doesn’t distract you—it allows you to concentrate on your favourite music and offers all the necessary options to enjoy it to the full.

Final Thoughts

So what are the pros and cons that we’ve found while using MDPlayer?


The list would be too long, so we’ll highlight only a few of those:

1. It’s a free app with no ads—a very rare and appreciated combination.

2. The user interface is quite cool, done in a nice color palette, and does not distract you from enjoying your music. Just what you need.

3. All the essentials, including custom playlists and equalizer, are firmly in place.

4. Its work is fast and smooth.

5. The development team is very responsive and brings improvements to the product periodically.

6. The last but by no means the least—if you are a driver, this app is an absolute must have, owing to its support for Android Auto, Android Smartwatch, and Drive Mode.


We have found only two of them:

1. There is no official landing page for the app. However, it is easy to contact the development team via the company’s website in case of need.

2. Availability for Android only. Not quite a drawback, but we’d really love to see an iOS version on the App Store.

In a nutshell, the MDPlayer app is worth checking if you are looking for a replacement for your current player or in a mood to try out something new. Essential for drivers. Try it, explore it, and share your experience with us!

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