Is Managed WordPress Hosting Really Worth the Money?

ssdYou know there are many types of hosting to choose from. From the cheap shared hosting to expensive dedicated servers, the choices are unlimited.

If you are a blogger, you sometimes find yourself in a dilemma whether to choose managed WordPress (WP) hosting or not. Of course, the price is about seven times higher than that of a typical shared hosting plan.

In this article, you are going to find whether managed WP hosting is really worth the money or not.

So, shall we start?

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Really Worth the Money?

Before we get into the benefits of using a such plan, I want to give an introduction to the same.

What is this ?

If you are new to this whole hosting stuff, you may not know what exactly is a managed service.

In real, every hosting plan is somewhat managed in one mean or another.

Here, managed WP service is a plan with which you get servers specifically optimized for running WordPress. In a normal hosting plan, providers don’t optimize servers for a specific software simply because of the fact that their customers use different platforms to build websites.

On the other hand, only WordPress users purchase a managed WP service plan. For the same reason, they can optimize everything with an aim to make the WordPress experience much better.

Of course, you get some remarkable benefits from the extra bucks you spend for managed WP plans.

Let’s find out what they are.

Benefits of such a service

The following are the significant benefits that I found enticing for every web admin.

#1. Enhanced Security

As compared to custom made websites, WordPress sites are more prone to security threats. Let’s consider hackers have found a method to sneak into a WordPress website using a security loophole of a plugin. The ordinary web hosts can literally do anything about it. Most of the times, they don’t even know about it.

On the other hand, a WordPress web host constantly checks such news and, monitors your website for security threats. In case of severe threats, they even ban such plugins from getting installed on the sites hosted on their servers.

If that plugin is already installed on your site, they will deactivate the same right away.

#2. Automatic Updates

You don’t even have to think about updating the WordPress. A managed WP host can do it for you without you, doing anything in particular.

We all know that WP updates are more frequent. Sometimes we even forget to apply the same even though we work regularly on our websites. WordPress managed hosting kicks away this issue.

Once a WP update become available, your webhost installs it automatically on your website. Almost every WordPress update comes up with at least one security fix. Taking the same fact into consideration, automatic updates are really a boon for website admins.

#3. Automatic Backups

I hope you know the importance of taking backups. Let alone in the case of websites, you should backup your important files as well.

Once something worst happens to your website, you can’t do anything other than cursing for the moment you made the change. If you take regular backups, you don’t have to worry.

A recently taken backup can restore your website to the previous state without any glitches.

#4. Automatic WordPress Setup

If you are a normal web hosting user, you have to sign into the control panel and install WordPress to get it going. The process may seem scary for a newbie user. Moreover, many of us may not have the time to do so as well.

A managed plan takes a few seconds to deploy your website. All you have to do is filling a simple form to setup your admin credentials.

#5. No Clueless Support Monkeys

In a long run of your blog or website that is made with the help of WP, you will face a number of problems like getting a blank page when you try to login to the dashboard, media gallery image upload problem, theme and plugin conflicts, SQL connection problems etc. If you are running on a managed service don’t worry just raise a support and the geeks will sort out your issue.

Wrapping Up

So, is it really worth the extra cost?

If you can afford the price and you need to run WordPress only, I highly recommend going with a managed WP hosting plan. The support for the same will be much better than that of a regular plan.

In case you are in a shoelace budget, you can go with the normal shared plan.

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