BigScoots Review After 4 Years WordPress SSD LiteSpeed Hosting Experience

UPDATES about BigScoots hosting 2020:

  • Firstly about their uptime : Though they say its 99.99% we have some hiccups by the time their support replies to our email, our site is back up and this happened in some months and it went above 10 minutes in some months!
  • They asked us to do some SSH stuffs and we were clueless on this but after some emails they did from their side and problem was caused by CloudFlare railgun!
  • When we upgraded our plans we didn’t see increase in our SSD disk space, but it was quickly solved by, Justin(Support guy there)
  • We were priced extra for dedicated ip but our plan offered it free and Scott (the president, see the video below) fixed it when notified by our team

  • Next one : We got a subdomain pointing to another website and that this in terms of Googles eyes is a duplicate content and would raise a RED flag. But after 2 days that issue was fixed and we are quoting their reply here

The issue here was the MX record was pointing to which was protected by cloudflare, this causes an obfuscted DNS record by cloudflare. I have made an A record for your mail and moved your MX record to mail.techwibe.

  • Like others they offer 24*7 support for name sake only, if you get into really serious problems like ours, they need some days to solve the issue (they are also humans and humans need some time to see what is causing the issue) and unlike other hosting providers they fix the problem without charging you anything.
  • Also the pics in this article looks updated as they revamped their website but there are no changes with their pricing.

bigscootsFed up with your current hosting because of any one of reason below

  • Frequent downtime
  • Hidden quota limits in terms of CPU usage
  • More support  response time
  • Low knowledge support staff
  • Old hardware offering less speed
  • No support for WordPress, most used one for blogging as well as for websites

Then you are at right place as we have found a good and reliable web hosting provider called BigScoots after two years of switching from and to several ones.

During the beginning of 2018 we got some weird error with one of our WP blog ie it was not loading because of some reason. Support team at bigscoots identified the issue with our CloudFlare account and manually configured our CloudFlare setup and after that it came online but the images were broken!

Hope you guys all know how hard to find the errors when the WP website breaks!

Just submitted another support request and within an hour they just found out that a WP plugin was causing the issue and they turned off that plugin. Everything came back to normal 🙂 .

BigScoots Shared Web Hosting For WordPress Review

SSD LiteSpeedWe are pretty sure that no one has ever heard that name before may be they don’t buy reviews and often do promotions like others. But you can get special promo code towards the end of this article.

Let’s talk about their support first

After switching to them the first support query from us was about a weird error that always show up when we try to approve the comment. Like every other time we just shooted a support ticket in the middle of day according to our country time and we were happy to see the responses within 5 minutes telling us the reason that was causing such an error and also added it will be solved within few days, oops!

We asked why?

Error was from litespeed and it requires their support person to solve it and not BigScoots.

You know Google made clear that https is now one of the ranking signal, so we switched one of our WordPress blog to SSL/HTTPS

After installing SSL certificate we had trouble in getting green pad lock in address bar of our web browser, it was always saying that ” public audit error”.  We were just clueless on what’s the reason for it!

With a screenshot explaining the problem, we just shooted a mail to Justin ( support engineer). And he just solved the problem within 10 minutes.

Next problem was more related to the WordPress theme

Some weird code was always showing in that theme, before we submit problem to theme developers just submitted another ticket regarding the problem to Justin and it was solved within 7 minutes by him, so we have a feeling that we are with a managed WordPress hosting!

Final thought about support

We have never any shared hosting provider giving solution to all our problems and that too including WordPress errors

  • Rating 8.0/10

You can also our experience with one of WordPress managed hosting provider named WP Hosting Spot who offers free Maxcdn with every plan


This the place we got annoyed at first as their firewall initially blocked all uptime monitoring services like Pingdom, uptime robot etc. Uptime went to 95%. Which is damn low!

Asked the support to whitelist the above services and they did. Here is our recent screenshot from Pingdom

Pingdom monitoring

After one month

Looks like they are having 100% uptime even though they officially say it’s 99.99%

Note : There is a big difference between 99.99% and 99.9%

  • 99.99% (approx 5 minutes of downtime per month)
  • 99.9%(approx 45 minutes of downtime per month)
  • 99.99% pretty costly
  • 99.9% you can get it even from a free hosting provider

Here is the their server uptime of all their available ones


Server load

Final thought for uptime

  • Seems to offer best in the industry

So what are their limits ?

CPU time limits, what Justin have to say

We do not limit CPU time, each account is limited to a certain amount of CPU.  If we feel someone is abusing CPU then we will take actually manually but its extremely rare this happens.

Which means you can get 100% of a CPU core which equates to about 3.7GHz per account.

Speed and server specs

Since we were always with lite speed (server type that can handle more traffic) providers we didn’t see much change in speed after switching to bigscoots.

Server specs

  • E3-1271v3 – 4.1GHz
  • 32GB 2133MHz RAM
  • 4 x 1TB 855 Samsung Datacenter Drives configured in a hardware RAID10 with a LSI-9271-4i supporting the RAID
  • Additionally cachevault which is hardware RAID cache on the controller

Network : steadfast

Other features

  • Latest cpanel
  • SSH access
  • Unlimited mailbox
  • Free website migration
  • Daily and weekly backup


  • They have been in business for the past 5 years with not even a single negative review


Even though they are offering 99.99% uptime in all their plans with SSD disk powered by LiteSpeed web servers shared plans are still economical

SSD plans

Shared SSD plan

reseller litespeed plans

Reseller plans

VPS experience

Bigscoots VPS SSD plans

They also offer dedicated ones

Mode of payment

  • All standard methods like visa, Mastercard, PayPal etc

Affiliate program

Like all other companies they do offer affiliates with which you can earn money by selling their service by writing a review or by recommending to friends


  • They save their entire user data including user website file in a single location and this is SUPER BAD. We say like this because when there is flooding, earthquake or any other problems in the building area where their servers are located it will be affected badly and users of BigScoots may loose all their data without any option to recover it.
  • They do say that they 100% positively reviewed for the past 5 years but here is something that we found
  • Their website is not at all responsive and its hard to navigate while visiting from mobile
  • Reseller plans are pretty costly
  • Some time you have to wait more than 1 hour to get response from them if you are not from USA
  • No Bitcoin mode payment

Exclusive offer all

We are now offering an exclusive off of $5 on your first invoice by bigscoots promo code 8DHQ9NDW1VW5


Final verdict

BigScoots seems to pretty reliable and trust worthy even if you are using WordPress

Bigscoots Review
  • Support
  • Speed
  • Pricing

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