CloudCone Black Friday + Cyber Monday MEGA SALE 2024| Best Managed Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers

CloudCone is a cloud server service provider for entrepreneurs, scalable businesses, VPS, etc. It is a one-stop destination for businesses, who are looking for a reliable network that will carry the load 24/7. The company has a solid infrastructure to maintain the servers and your requirements for several years to come. Black Friday 2021 is upon us, and it is the best time to grab heavy discounts on the CloudCone cloud server packages.

CloudCone Black Friday MEGA SALE 2021

CloudCone Black Friday 2021

The grace period is here, and you should not wait to pull the trigger. Cloud servers are expensive due to the hardware, maintenance, and back-end team support. Black Friday is celebrated worldwide with crazy discounts on various products, and CloudCone stepped up to offer super low exclusive deals.

You can expect super low-priced deals on VPS servers, Cloud Compute servers, etc. The SC2 server packages are the most attractive ones in the segment, where you are guaranteed to get low pricing, and it has essential features.

SC2 servers have high-end SSD storage drives in the machine, and it automates backups, snapshots, and more. Entrepreneurs focus on allocating the budget to make smarter decisions, and that’s where Dedicated Server packages play a crucial role in your final decision-making process.

Several heavily marketed cloud server providers force the customers to purchase from the preconfigured servers. Meanwhile, CloudCone doesn’t let you lighten the wallet and spend on the selected hardware. You can customize the server as per the requirements and adjust the hardware configuration.

Customers can select memory, processor count, RAID type, operating system, IP addresses, bandwidth, etc. CloudCone makes a smarter solution compared to the competitors because you are paying for what you are using.

Why Choose CloudCone Over Others?

CloudCone is a reputed company among the businesses and has marked itself as a reliable network. There are several reasons why you should choose CloudCone over the competitors, and I want to highlight them all.

Black Friday 2021 has encouraged the company to bring standard packages at super low prices. So it’s a cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs or business people who want to save every penny for the next big thing.

The company has a reliable infrastructure for businesses that don’t want to face any server downtime. The management has established a support team, and they have improved in a short time to ease the customer’s worries.

DDoS attacks are a well-known problem, and several reports were coming from different communities about them. CloudCone is prepared to protect your website and projects, and they have added Network-wide DDoS protection, up to 1 Tb/s.

Startup companies grow at a slower pace during the initial days, but they do position themselves in the market after a while. You don’t have to worry about expensive upgrade plans because you can scale as the business grow. CloudCone shaped the pricing structure for the business owners, who don’t want to pay for the unused hardware.

CloudCone Customer Support

The community is always asking for the best recommendations when subscribing to cloud servers or web hosting packages. The customer’s support team is my #1 priority and is on my recommendation list. I managed many business websites in the last seven years, and you need a strong customer support team to resolve technical problems.

A.You got Technical Documentation library and Help Center, so you can solve complicated problems on your own.

B.You got dedicated mobile iOS and Android mobile apps for an immersive customer support experience.

C.You can chat with the support team on the official website.

D.Send an email to the team, if you are located in a remote place.

It would have been a great addition if they had telephone support for the English-speaking customers. But, I prefer “Live Chat” support compared to telephone support because it gives me time to choose the right choice of words.

Dedicated Mobile Apps

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone in hand, and it has simplified our lives to an extent. Android and iOS devices have taken over the world. Fortunately, CloudCone has added dedicated iOS and Android apps for extensive customer support at your fingertips.

Android App:

CloudCone Android App

iOS App:

CloudCone iOS App

You don’t have to open a laptop or desktop to communicate with the team and resolve the technical issues.

Open the app to login into the account once then you can communicate with the CloudCone team whenever required.

Our Rating

● Products: 9/10

● Features: 9/10

● Safety: 9/10

● Ease of use: 9/10

● Price: 10/10 (We took Black Friday 2021 Sale into the account )

● Support: 9/10 (We took one point out of the rating card due to missing telephone support)

● Growth: 10/10

Final overall score is 9/10.

Bottom Line

CloudCone is utilizing Black Friday 2021 Sale to expand the customer base, and they are offering high-quality servers at a much lower price. We know that you are a smart customer but don’t waste time pulling the trigger. Let us know what do you think about CloudCone in the comment section below.


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