Innovative Gaming Purchases That Will Help Keep You Ahead of the Competition

Any gamer knows that video games heavily rely on precision, hand-eye coordination, and quick reflexes. However, not everyone realizes the impact that their gear and gaming hardware can have on their performance. If you want to stay on top of your game, you should consider purchasing new hardware. Read on to find out which innovative gaming purchases will help keep you ahead of the competition.


Headsets will help you identify where exactly your enemies are headed to and from. This is because headsets can accurately specify the spatial placement of sound effects than regular TV speakers. High-quality speakers will allow you to excel in many sound-sensitive games like a shooter, warzone, fighter, and sniper games.

As video games grew more popular and technology significantly evolved, many games started to incorporate the communication of multiple gamers as important aspects of games. Invest in headsets with built-in mics so that you can easily communicate with teammates and discuss tactics to help you stay ahead of other teams.

When searching for a headset, look for one that is high-quality and provides comfort for several consecutive hours. Make sure that the microphone produces and transmits all the sounds. Some microphones can also filter out unnecessary noise; if you go for these, your teammates will be eternally grateful. Your microphone should be strong enough to withstand sudden bursts of anguish in case of losses, as well as cheerful celebratory bawls.

HWID Spoofers

If you are looking for easy fixes for the most difficult parts of the game, you can consider getting an HWID spoofer. HWID spoofers can provide you with awesome cheats that will help you level up, no matter which game you are playing. However, you need to be extremely careful with HWID spoofers because there is software specially made to detect computers and gamers who use cheats. Getting caught can result in a lifetime ban from these games. To avoid this, make sure that your chosen HWID spoofer can hide your computer’s identity. When you are protected, you can significantly improve your performance and enjoy your favorite games without worrying about getting banned.

Monitors and Televisions

Although making monitor or television changes can be majorly expensive upgrades, they are vital for improvement. If you don’t have the right display, your gaming performance will be strongly affected. A screen with low input lag will allow you to immediately identify targets and wastes no time needed to cover yourself or shoot your enemies. Optimally, a lag of 20 milliseconds is tolerated. However, anything above 30 milliseconds can be troublesome. Resist the temptation to go for large screens as this makes it very hard to scan the whole landscape of the game, making it impossible to identify potential threats. Stick to 24-inch to 32-inch displays with gaming modes to prevent lags.

Good monitors will give you visual clarity, in addition to spatial awareness and movement. Opt for high resolutions above 144 Hz, 240 Hz refresh rates for the lowest response time, and color control options. Though they are optional, curved monitors will allow you to be fully immersed in the game.


When it comes to mouse, two things that can affect your performance as a gamer are comfort and response times. Mouse comes in several shapes, so you need to find the mouse shape that feels comfortable for you to improve your gaming experience. Other aspects of a mouse, like its build quality and response times, are also important. When comparing mouse shapes, it is also necessary to compare their buttons. Opt for a mouse with shallow, clicky, and fast buttons. These are all qualities that ensure you will have quick response rates when playing.

Mechanical Keyboards

Keyboards that are controlled mechanically as opposed to those that are controlled by plastic dots or membranes can boost your gaming performance. They offer the most familiar responses and are very quick and firm. Many mechanical keyboards come with options like key noise control and feel, and colors. Some even come with special media buttons and macro keys that will help you with gaming combos. High-end mechanical keyboards can come with features like USB ports, fully-programmable buttons, 100% anti-ghosting, media controls, and MOBA or FPS play keys sets.

Hardcore gamers always search for ways to stay ahead of the competition. It can be extremely frustrating to see your fellow gamers leveling up and improving their scores while you’re stuck trying to get past this one level. To enhance your performance, refer back to this handy guide for some of the best gaming purchases that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

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