How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android Without Root and Computer

When we delete videos or Pictures on our Android devices, rooting seems to be the only option to recover lost files. However, that is not the only option as this article discusses the ways you can recover deleted videos with Root.

Follow the guides below to retrieve your files with any corruption or damage.

Method 1: Recover Lost Photos and Videos from backup

There handful of options for backing up your data with Google Drive being the most prominent one. iCloud and One Drive are also a place where many people like to back up their photos and videos. Usually, there is an option to automatically backup files to cloud storage. As a result, we tend to forget that our files and data are backed up somewhere.

So if you have lost all your files then chances are your files are safely stored in one of the backup options you are using. For Google and GDrive recovery, the steps below show exactly how to recover photos and videos from the backup.

  1. Head over to the GDrive app on your Android and tap on the “My Drive” folder.
  2. Inside the MY Drive folder, you will files that you have backed up in it including videos and photos.
  3. If the files you are looking for are present there then you can simply download them. Do right-click on the file (On PC) or long press on the file (on Phone) and hit the download button.
  4. You can directly restore any files using the download button. You can either download a single file or a whole folder to save time.

Method 2: Restore Photos and Videos from Google Photos

Google Photos is a great tool for photo/video displaying and has excellent backup options. If you turn On your backup, then all the photos in Google Photos will get backed up automatically. In this way, you not only save storage in your Android phone but also put your pictures as a backup. Here is how to restore Photos and Videos from Google Photos.

  1. Sign in to your Google Account on your smartphone (This is very important).

  1. After that, open the Google Photos app and select the account that just signed in.
  2. Wait for some time, and all of your photos and videos will show up on Google Photos.

You can also directly go to the “Photos” app and select the correct Google Account. It is possible that your Gallery is showing different pictures or nothing at all if another Google Account is selected.

Method 3: Use the Android Video/Photo Recovery Tool

If the methods above are not working for you, then you can utilize dedicated tools to recover your lost files. While many such tools require root, there are some options that don’t your phone to be rooted. One of those tools is DroidKit.

DroidKit is an excellent video recovery tool for Android devices. It can also recover contacts WhatsApp data etc. It recovers at a fast pace with accurate results. Below are the correct ways to use DroidKit to recover lost data.

  1. DroidKit is free to download from their official website[copy paste this url to address bar ]. Click the link and the tool will start downloading on your computer.
  2. The next step is to set up the tool by installing properly on your Windows PC.
  3. Open DroidKit and you will be greeted with the home screen of DroidKit. It includes tons of tabs including System Cleaner, Unlocker Data Manager, etc. You have to go to “Data Recovery”.

  1. Inside Data Recover, click on Quick Recovery From Device.
  2. Inside the tab, you have to tick or uncheck the type of files you want or don’t want to recover. After that, simply hit on the Start button.

  1. Connect your Android Phone to your USB port using a USB cable. DroidKit will quickly recognize your Android phone’s model.

  1. Click on Start and DroidKit will start scanning your device looking for recovery files of those file types you checked.

When the DroidKit completes the scan, it will show all the recovered files. Manually select the file and click on “To Device” to download the file to your phone. If you want the files to go into your PC storage then select “To PC”.


Deleting files does not mean that it is removed from your device forever. Your system may still store the data of those files. Recovery Tools like DroidKit can extract those lost data with a quick scan. Trash Bin is also a place where deleted files go, if you recently deleted your videos and pictures, you can simply go to “Trash” and recover them.

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