Choosing the Right Auto Dialer for Business Use

Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies need efficient and intelligent tools for their business operations. An auto dialing system can make dialing the phone numbers of prospective clients easier and faster. The system saves time and allows the call center agents to focus on their communication with clients.

What is an auto dialer?

Auto dialers were introduced to the commercial market in the early part of 1940. On the other hand, telemarketing was established in the 1980s. It became an effective channel for customer outreach and lead generation, showing the massive contribution of auto dialers to the sales process. Today’s market has several types of auto dialing software, from power dialers to progressive dialers, preview dialers, and predictive dialers.

Different types of auto dialers

You must choose an auto dialer that fits the services you offer. Their features and capabilities vary, so it is essential to check them out and compare them to ensure that you have the proper auto dialer. You can find more about these dialers by visiting

  • The predictive dialer automatically dials phone numbers from a database. The superior algorithm minimizes agents’ downtime. It detects when an agent is about to end a call and forwards the next live call when the agent becomes available.
  • The progressive dialer works similarly. However, the progressive dialer dials only one number when a call center agent indicates their availability.
  • The preview dialer allows the agents to see brief information about the prospective customer before the system makes the call.

Choosing the right auto dialer for your business

The following guide will help you assess your business and your needs so that you can make the right decision when purchasing auto dialing software.

  • List all the features your business needs

Determine what features you want from the auto dialer. It might take time, but it will help in the long run as you can find the perfect software for your business. Learning about the features of each type of auto dialer and comparing them will help you to find the features that will match your business needs.

  • Determine the size of your company and your client base

If you employ four or more agents, your client base is probably more significant. For more extensive call center operations, the most effective solution is a predictive dialer. If your business is still small or relatively new, you can use a preview dialer or a progressive dialer. Today it is easier to switch to another system as your needs change.

  • Type of service you offer

It will be more effective to invest in a predictive dialer if your call center specializes in outbound calls such as telemarketing or cold calling. However, if you want to reach as many prospective clients as possible, you can purchase a progressive dialer.

  • Your budget

The prices of auto dialers vary according to the features the software offers. For example, predictive dialers can go for less than $20 per user per month, while some are priced more than $150 per user per month. When you know the features you need, you will be able to find the solution that is the most cost-effective.

Check the features of auto dialers from popular companies but ensure that you also read reviews and websites to compare software features.

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