How To Keep A Safe And Peaceful Sunday Mass

The church has always been viewed as a sanctuary of worship. The only place you can find peace even amidst the chaos that is going on around the world. You’ve heard stories of people who sought refuge in a church during various traumatizing situations and no ill befell them. You would therefore expect that a place of worship such as the church could be a place of order. But how is this order maintained? You might ask.

For ages, the Catholic Church, one of the most significant and oldest churches in the world, has for the longest time maintained peaceful church services. The mass, to be specific, starts with the sign of the Cross, an introductory prayer recognizing the sovereign of the Trinity. In the recent past, Pope Francis has insisted on the importance of visiting mass and why each and every part of the service is important to the faithful.

For decades, the Catholic Church has been in the limelight in advocating for peace around the globe. These efforts, as it seems, must start from the core, church leadership! How this universal church remains effective in maintaining and being responsible for world peace is a question for another day.

But to get on how all this happens, here’s how to keep a safe and a peaceful Sunday mass.

1. It All Starts With Being Organized

Having large numbers of people attend a specific service is no easy thing. It requires a great deal of coordination and organizational skills. The mass is one of the most attended services in the Catholic Church. And not only to the Catholic Church but also to other churches with similar beliefs. Unlike in days past, humans have acquired more knowledge in matters of religion and there’s nothing that will get past their ears that they are not aware about.

Leaders are now left with the burden and responsibility of leading the congregations in the right path and showing high levels of coordination and organizational skills. Chriss and Grafton from insist on the importance of investing in church management software to help with various managerial issues, church safety, and finance management. If you’re therefore looking towards achieving a peaceful and safe Sunday mass, it’s time you thought about investing in such a program. Among the benefits you can expect to reap from a church management software include:

  • You’ll be provided with congregation and finance management tools
  • Event management features
  • Church attendance and statistics options
  • Functional dashboards to help keep church information in one place

2. Preaching the Word

After you’ve managed the people, you now have a role to play in preaching the word of God. The Good Book has always advocated for peace and you’ll definitely not go wrong with preaching what’s in the word of God. Church leaders need to maintain high levels of sanity when preaching the word of God during mass. You don’t want to seem contradictory or confusing because as earlier mentioned, the congregation is more informed and educated in matters concerning the word of God. Mind you, this is one of the most effective ways to propagate peace and safety.

3. Leading by Example

It’s the responsibility of church leaders to nature peace no matter the platform they’re given to the minister. Of course, there’ll be religious conflicts within and without the church. But these shouldn’t be reasons to derail your message of advocating for a peaceful mass and other rites. As a leader, your first responsibility is to preach water and drink water and not preaching water and drinking wine. This will make it easier for your congregation, even during important services such as mass, to want to emulate you.

4. Insisting on Prayer

Not everyone will attend the mass with the same views as yours. This can be exemplified by His Holiness Pope John Francis’ examples when advocating for peace in the Middle East. He’s been a role model in bringing world leaders from various conflict-stricken parts of the world together for peaceful dialogues and all in the name of peaceful prayers. This means that there’s a great need of prayer even for peaceful mass services because come to think about it, mankind has always been drawn with talking to divinity. In prayer, everyone will be calmer, more relaxed, and spiritually fulfilled.

The struggle for peace should stream from the church and spread throughout the world. This is no longer a church thing but a global concern. When church leaders advocate for peace in their services, it will be easier to preach peace even to the most conflict-stricken parts of the world.

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