Simpatico: Get Connected to People with Similar Interests and Commodities

We often feel that a community of like-minded people is lacking over the social platform. It is pretty difficult to find people who belong to same commodities and have same interests. Simpatico solves this problem. It leverages the location services and relational database to connect to people having same interests and commodities.

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How Simpatico Works?

Just think of your school, organizations, hometown, sports, hobbies, and events. This app offers the ability to populate these attributes. It can help you find the people with similar interests and hobbies. The connections are then created when the Simpatico users sharing one or more common attributes are within 10 mile radius of one another. Both the users will receive an invite in form of a notification to connect to each other.

Once they are connected, the user can communicate with each other via texting feature. The texting within the app can be done within the app interface without actually revealing the phone numbers. Moreover, Simpatico doesn’t pinpoint where the app users are on the map. It just provides the distance range between 0 to 10 miles.

You don’t know who is around you many a times. Days, Weeks, and years can go by before you cross the paths with someone you share a common bond. Simpatico lets you connect with like-minded people whenever they come near to you.

The Setup

First of all, download and install the app from Google PlayStore. The app is also available for iOS usersSimpatico. Once you have successfully installed the app, follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Open the app on your device.
  • You can choose to sign up via ‘Facebook’ or ‘Email’. After you sign up, you need to fill in the following details – ‘Name’, ‘Age’, and ‘Gender’. You can even choose to add your photo. Click on ‘Next’.

  • Now, you have to choose minimum 5 interests to proceed further. Choosing interests will help the app to identify people sharing common interests with you.
  • Click on ‘Next’ button to move to the next screen.


  • Click on ‘Start Seeing Suggestions’ to find out the connections near you. The app uses location services to find the matches in 0 to 10 miles from your location.

  • Click on ‘Settings’ option to manage different options on the app.

  • You can let the app send push notification, choose gender to show the connections from, change password, and delete the Simpatico account.
  • If you receive any connection request, you can add it to your network and start chatting via text messages within the app interface.

The Future Releases from Simpatico

Here is the list of some of the newest features that will be released in coming future.

  • Guided Profile Prompts: The text overlays with suggestions will be provided during profile setup for guiding the users for higher connection rate. As a number of users are missing the connection opportunities because they enter broad information in form fields, Simpatico will simplify the search.
  • Invite a Friend: This feature will employ three methods – Facebook, Email, or Text.
  • Member Birthday Freebies: Simpatico will partner with businesses like bars, theaters, ice cream parlors, etc. This will help the simpatico users sharing same birthday week meet on a designated day and receive freebies.

Simpatico will also be introducing different categories that are intended to add certain value in the areas of Career, Health, Travel, and Philanthropic.

  • Mentoring Category: The users will be able to identify themselves either a Mentor or a Mentee and select the career paths. These career paths are identified at high level (Finance, Engineering, Marketing, Creative Arts, etc).
  • Travel Category: This feature will help in creating partnerships for travelling. The user will select the Travel button and indentify the partner preferences and also select the interest in domestic or international travel. The connecting members can then discuss the destination preferences and details among themselves.
  • Fitness Category: This feature will help the members to select the fitness category and identify the interests like Swimming, Cycling, Weight Lifting, Martial Arts etc. The ultimate aim of this feature is to help the members find accountability and training partners.
  • Philanthropy: The members will be able to choose the charities and causes they are interested in.

The Bottom Line

Simpatico is a new social app that will help the people of same interests and commodities connect with each other whenever they cross. The existing features are impressive while the upcoming features will surely be loved by its users.

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