Kepard VPN Review | The Cheapest One With *20%* Off Coupon Code

Protecting your online identity has been one of the major issues as everyone wants to know what all things you are doing while surfing or which all websites you are visiting. In some other areas of the world you are just blocked out from accessing different websites.

So how can you get over these kinds of blocks and protect your online privacy?

Simple way is just changing your country from where you are accessing the internet and for this you can make use of service named as VPN. Moreover Virtual Private Newtork will encrypt all your send and received data by using different protocols.

So now you know what to use to access the blocked content.

Next question will be, whom you should choose?

Don’t worry about this, Kepard VPNwill be best for you as they have successfully completed their 3 years of service in protecting online privacy of many individuals like us.

Kepard VPN Review

imageThe very first thing you can notice about Kepard is that you can get a day of premium service absolutely free (no strings attached). We think that this more than enough for anyone to test drive their service without providing a single penny.

Moreover you can get up to 180 days of free service from them. For this all you have to do is just invite few friends to use this service and you are eligible for this cool offer.

Kepard Virtual Private Network support

All of us are not surely geeks to solve small problems that may cause while using their dedicated client and for this they offer email support as well as they can also fix big problems that can’t be done over mails by using TeamViewer.

Torrent and P2P support

No one can ever live without downloading a single torrent file (like Linux builds etc) , lucky their service support for unlimited torrent downloading by using the servers located in Netherlands.

Simultaneous connection possible

You can connect four devices simultaneously that is total number of simultaneous sessions is 4, 2  for Android
devices using their Android application only + 2 for any other devices.


Currently they offer three popular encryption type namely

  • OpenVPN with blowfish 128 bit encryption (recommended)
  • L2TP
  • PPTP

All the required areas are protected with SSL (SSL is well configured and graded with “A” by Qualys SSL Labs”)

Speed and bandwidth

With possibility of unlimited switching Kepard offers unlimited bandwidth and reliable speed on all their servers.

Here our test result on a 10Mbps connection

  • Download : 8.89Mbps
  • Upload : 940Kbps

Servers and country list

They have got multiple servers (~20 ) located in different parts of the world namely

server list

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Spain



Economic plans

We can say that they are the cheapest by just offering their premium service at just $35 per year and now its pretty less compared to others.

Logging policy

  • No logs related to anything visited through their service are kept, as per the FAQ section Email address, info provided by user in the registration form and time period connected to VPN, used to calculate the Free Premium VPN are kept for 3 days after which it is deleted.

Money back guarantee

  • Since they are already providing you free trial there are no money back policy at this time.


It’s just simple enter all your details and make the payment with any of payment gateway that you wish ( PayPal, Master Card, Visa, Discover, AMEX) and once the payment goes through them, your account will be created.

Download the client as per your OS.

Windows Client

Their inhouse designed Windows software seems pretty cool. With just a click of button within the app your connection is encrypted.


Simple and easy to use

client windows

Power button for quick encryption

And do have a dedicated Android app

They do have will written set up guides for all other OS namely

  • IOS
  • Mac
  • Linux


  • Their website not seems to mobile friendly, this won’t be a problem for many of us
  • Hope they add Bitcoin mode of payment soon

Want to get some discount to test drive their service then here is a working coupon code that will fetch you.

Code : BestKepard


  • All new android VPN is now available
  • Total number of IP addresses are now being increased in servers located in DE, NL and US

Final thought

Kepard VPN seems to offer better service at just $35/Year which very low compared to others.

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