How a Mobile App Business Benefits an e-Commerce Industry

Since, the very prehistoric times, the businesses have been transforming gradually. The introduction of the changes has always been to serve the consumers better apart from making things for the sellers easy. As of now, the rapid increase in the use of mobile phones has raised hopes of millions of people. Both the buyers and sellers are expecting something positive.

Mobile app for business has become a necessity for the companies. It has been advantageous on a large scale. It is because of this that nearly every industry- big or small- has an app of their own. It makes sense as well because more than 90% of the present consumers are on mobile and prefer to order while on the go.

What does the Stat Speak?

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The rapidly growing use of the mobile app has been a subject of research for many firms. According to business channel, approximately 85% of the consumers prefer to order via their mobile. Whether it is about ordering a pizza, a dinner, grocery or any valuable commodity, the eCommerce industries have been receiving orders from mobile phones only.

In addition to this, approximately 90% of the people prefer an app for placing the order to avail some of the lucrative sales or discounts offered by the companies. The app stores of Android and iOS have been witnessing a huge download during the past half a decade.

Advantages Associated with Mobile App Business

Knowing the purpose, the use of the mobile app business comes with the following main benefits—

  • 24/7 Availability to the Clients

Irrespective of the genre of business, with the help of the app, the businesses always remain open to the consumers. The development of the app has been made that the buyer can also get the live tracking of the products they have ordered.

Even it has become feasible with the app cab services. The person can know the exact position of the driver as well.

  • Enhances Customer Engagement

The sole purpose of every business is to spread out in the market. With the help of a mobile app business, the service providers have been successful in finding a place in the pocket. The use of the app has promoted the concept of direct B2C and hence, simplified the customer engagement by adding the feature of ‘Rating & Review’. The consumers have been successful in finding things quickly.

  • Enhances the Customer-Retailer Relationship

It is seen that the use of the mobile app business has helped to strengthen the retailer-consumer relationship by stressing on the concept of CONSUMER IS GOD. Well, with the app, the various e-Commerce companies and other businesses have been successful in providing value to the customer. The feature of ‘PUSH NOTIFICATIONS’ has helped the companies to keep the consumers in the hunt for the Deal of the Day, Offers, Promotions and what not.

  • Streamlined Payment Options

Whether a consumer wants to pay through the online channel or look out for COD, the mobile app business has helped to streamline the payment system. With the secured channel, the buyers prefer to pay while placing the order in order to keep the hassles of carrying hard currency away.


Undoubtedly, with the use of the mobile app, the businesses are eyeing new arena of opportunities. It has also helped to build customer loyalty and to compete with the other service providers in the market as well. It’s always going to be the best investment that a company has to make.

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